Monday, December 21, 2009

My Random Favorites

Colour: Oceanic Blue, it is such a relaxing colour....
Place: The reclining sofa on the TV room
Animal: penguins and polar bears soo cute
Sea Creature: I always likes Dugong they're fat and so cute, I want hug 'em
Game: Tap Tap Revenge, that game is addictive
Food: I like seafood
Muffin: hhm i don't know chocolate perhaps?
Fruit: i never like fruits, yeah i know it's bad
Drink: Ice Ocha or just a plain mineral water
Board game: You know Ludo? I like that game and i miss it too
Sport: swimming i guess. I'm a big fan of water
89 my two lucky numbers
Day Of the week:
Friday of course
Subject: sociology and geography
TV show: 30 Rock! The best of the best of comedy show on TV right now

Singer: Chris Martin, The Gallagher Bros, Alex Turner,and Erlend Oye

Band: Coldplay and Oasis are the best but i'm britpop/rock junkie

Store: HMV is like the best cd store ever followed by Virgin Megastore but for the local i'm a big fan of Aksara. For fashion i pick Forever 21
Name: Zooey as in Zooey Dechanel oh god i'm big fan on Deschanel
Gender: Woman
Quote: "The real loser is someone who is so afraid of not winning they don't even try" Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Book: Q & A by Vikas Swarup (it's the based novel of Slumdog Millionaire)
Website: twitter,, facebook, pitchfork,
Scent: white musk, my favorite like forever!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is like a flashback, this is like a dream

Why are you keep popping out in my head?
It seems like everything I do always related to you
You often like the same things like I do
And I always like that

I gotta to admit i miss you
So damn much


"Keep spending limits of my life, trying to keep up with my friends"

I'm in the middle of some weird situation, you know between excited and worried at the same time. This feelings haunts me everyday and sometimes i feel like i'm not capabel of achieving this things. To be honest i don't even expect that i'm going to have this kind of chance, i'm still at shocked myself. Looking back at my first year ih SHS i'm not the brightest student in the class, i'm not dumb but not a genius either let's just say i'm an average. Then his chance come up to me, just like what i dream of and if I got accepteed i think would cry, like seriuosly :'')

Let's just hope for the best ok?


Monday, November 2, 2009

The Youth

Hai! Sepertinya sudah lama saya tidak ngeblog dan berhubung lagi males berbahasa inggris jadi gw nulis pake bahasa utama aja ya yaitu bahasa Indonesia hahaha.

Satu hal penting yang terjadi pada gw seminggu yang lalu adalah: SIDANG KI! fiuuuhh alhamdulillah akhirnya selese juga tuh KI terkutuk, walaupun masih ada revisi setdaknya gw udah bebas dari satu beban menjadi anak kelas 3 dan sekarang gw harus fokus terhadap UN, SIMAK, dan segala teman2nya. Gw memasang tager yang cukup tinggi yaitu gw pengen masuk FHUI, wallaupun passing grade di SIMAK ga terllau tinggi tapi entah kenapa TO gw dari kemaren masih belum bisa mencapai angka itu :""( Gw ga tau itu soal yg emang susah atau emng gw yang bego yang pasti gw harus menambah jam belajar gw. Tapi itu dia yang susah, masih banyak godaan yang ngebuat gw malas untuk belajar........

Gw pengen bangeet sebetulnya tiba2 ditawarin PMDK, gw sering banget mimpi tiba2 Bu Lia (guru BK) bilang kalo gw dapet PMDK FHUI kira2 gw udah 2 kali mimpi kayak gitu. Bisa terwujud ga ya? Semoga sih bisa... Tapi mengingat saingan gw cukup berat gw rasanya pengen nangis aja, takut g bisa kalah saing sama temen2 kelas gw yang makin lama makin pinter dan cemerlang.

Pokoknya sekarang gw harus terus terus-an berjuang dan ga boleh lengah! Harus berikan yang terbaik, lagian kalo dipikir2 enak tau ga dapet PMDK g usah tes SIMAK yang susahnya kayak apaan tau. Gw yakin gw bisa karena orang lain pun bisa! Ayoo berjuaaang Daniii! :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, that's life

Dwayne: I wish I could just sleep until I was eighteen and skip all this crap-high school and everything-just skip it.

Frank: Do you know who Marcel Proust is?

Dwayne: He's the guy you teach.

Frank: Yeah. French writer. Total loser. Never had a real job. Unrequited love affairs. Gay. Spent 20 years writing a book almost no one reads. But he's also probably the greatest writer since Shakespeare. Anyway, he uh... he gets down to the end of his life, and he looks back and decides that all those years he suffered, Those were the best years of his life, 'cause they made him who he was. All those years he was happy? You know, total waste. Didn't learn a thing. So, if you sleep until you're 18... Ah, think of the suffering you're gonna miss. I mean high school? High school-those are your prime suffering years. You don't get better suffering than that.

Little Miss Sunshine

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stand by me

I am sure gonna miss this place. My school for 14 years, my second home. I can't believe i will be leaving in a couple of months :'(

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Coldplay-ish Life

So i want to be Bigger and Stronger but there are a lot Things I Don’t Understand. I ask Marianne and Moses and the they told me “Don’t Panic” i have to be calm and drink a Glass Of Water. Then i went to Violet Hill and Yes i cry, i don’t even see a Warning Sign of what am i about to do next, i have absolutely no idea. This is The Hardest Part of my life, the one where i have to make choices about my life and i don’t want to be Swallowed In The Sea because of my wrong decisions. Then i decided to take things In My Place, i want to Talk to my Brothers and Sisters about this and also my parents.

The Clocks are ticking and i began to Shiver is this a right decision? Can i even make this one come true and make my family proud. My mom told me that i can go to Amsterdam to take my Master degree if i am interested in law. All this thinking makes me feel like A Rush Of Blood To The Head. I don’t want to get in Trouble so i have to act right.

There are currently 42 new tweets appearing on my Twitterfox, this is one of the things that distract me from studying. And this Yellow Economics book are hunting me. It is like i hear A Whisper from it saying “You have to study..” I think times really do passed by just like that. They are running like a Speed of Sound. One time you look at the sky and it’s still a sunny Daylight then the night comes and the Cemetery of London becomes such a creepy place. I must admit sometimes i want to take control of time you know pause, stop, rewind, or even skip it. Such a shame that The Scientist have not yet invented a time machine.

I do hope that Everything’s Not Lost when i leave High School please just say “We Never Change” because i have the best group of friends in High School i really do, and you’re all the One I Love. Life is Such A Rush it’s going with a really High Speed. So my school mates, in the future i want to see a Postcards From Far Far Away and that postcard is from you! Maybe you will live in different countries with such an awesome job. Just please be Careful Where You Stand.. because it’s not always a Life In Technicolour If you’re not be careful you might catch yourself back in Square One.

That’s it fellas i hope God Put A Smile Upon Your Face today. This Rainy Day makes me sleepy and I hope I’ll See You Soon. Wish me luck on my future decisions, Viva La Vida!



Saturday, October 3, 2009

My ship isn't pretty

Hello! Long no write, eh? It's been a long time since i actually write about my daily life, well that's because i don't feel like it. But now i think i'm about to write again. So here it goes...

I don't know where to start, there's so much going in my life right now and sometimes i just want it all to slow down. It's like time is ticking so fast, and yes i'm panicking. There a lot unnecessary drama going on in life right now, not important but somehow it bothers me.

The fact that i'm now a senior and will go to college very soon scares me. I'm scared that i won't go to my dream college and my dreams will shattered. That thought always makes me cry and it always running around in my mind. Like last night i was alone and i just cry so hard, yes i'm scared, yes i panic, and yes i'm feeling rather lonely. My friends told me that i have to take things easy and try not to think about the worst. But there are times that i feel that i'm going to failed. Then the fact that all of my family (mother, father, and sister) studied in UI for college makes me feel under pressure. It just bother me that i HAVE to get in there too, just to make my family proud. It just scare me to death thinking what if i'm not accepted in UI, what will happen to me? Will my family accept it? Honestly i don't know. I'm about to cry writing this, it's emotional if i have to think about my future.

To be honest i hate being a senior.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 tracks of the week pt.2

Time for more 5 tracks of the week! I kinda love to do this maybe it will be my permanent post hahaha :p. So here it goes....

1. Flashback-Calvin Harris
Great great ggreat dance tune! Gaaaahh i love it since the first moment i hear it! This song makes you wanna dance all night long like seriously i'm not kidding :p Calvin Harris is a Scottish electronic musician and FYI he is the producer of Kylie Minogue album 'X'. His fiirst debut album called 'I Created Disco" was release in 2007 (which is a big success), and now he's back with his second album titled 'Ready For The Weekend' well by listening to this tune i am certainly ready for the weekened! :D

2. French Navy-Camera Obscura
A feel good pop-ish song with a nice lyrics to sing a long. Somehow this song have that sound to make you happy and feel perky. The vocal also have this vintage sounds that is very cathcy and easy listening. So from the first moment i heard this song i'm immediately fallling in love with it. Just keep an eye on Camera Obscura tunes, because they're great!

3. Fuck You-Lily Allen
This is my favorite track from the album! Maybe it's just because i'm in an angry mood at the time i listened to it hehehe but really, this song is about anger and so on but Lily Allen can make it sounds like a feel good song. This has proven that anger isn't always relates with screaming and headbangin. Great job Lily!

4. Mrs. Cold-Kings of Convenience
Finally they are back with a new album called Declaration of Dependence woohooo! I have been waiting this for so long i feel so happy! Well this song is just like typical KoC, soothing sounds and fantastic guitar play but i just love it. It cathes my ear because the intro is just beautiful and absolutely great. I hope they will visit Indo on their next tour *fingers crossed*

5. Rome-Phoenix (Neighbours with Devendra Banhart remix)
THIS IS TOP NOTCH! The original track itself is my favorite and this remix is great great great love it 100%. Phoenix + Devendra = greatness! To dwonload or just hear it just visit here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Wouldn't it be nice to see things from 4 different angle?

Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Tracks of The Week

1. Crystalised - The xx
This London based teenage quartet just released their debut album, and it blew me away. Crystalised is one of my favorite songs from the album, and it is my morning anthem. The soothing voice of Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim (who also play lead guitar and bass guitar respectively) really gives me chills every time i hear this song. Definitely worth to hear.

2. Passion Pit - The Reeling
The mood charger! The energetic sounds really make you want to dance and jump. Listen to this song with the max volume and you can feel that you are in an atmosphere full of energy. Michael Angelakos and co really done this song perfectly, with a VMA nomination in hand for the music video, Passion Pit definitely will stay in the music industry.

3. Malino - The Trees and The Wild
Time for some cool local music! Yes this cool new indie band is very very very worth to hear. With an accoustic sound just like Kings of Convenience, TTATW gives you the most calming songs that you will ever hear from and Indonesian band. This newcomer is definitely the promosing new talent in Indonesian indie music. Their debut album 'Rasuk' will literally 'merasuki' your soul because i can't stop listening to the whole album for a month! Visit their Myspace to know more and listen to their song

4. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

This song is taken from the soundtrack of 500 Days Of Summer, it features in the promo (the phot collage video) and i'm hooked by it since the first time i heard the song. The Temper Trap is also a new band and they just released their debut titled "Conditions". This song have a really great sound, with it's blisfull sound and light lyrics to remember Sweet Disposotion will get a special position in your mind.

5. Standing In The Way Of Control-The Gossip

Well this is actually an old song from 2007 ( i think) it was the anthem of Skins, the famous british television show that i've been watching this past few weeks. Poweful vocal by Beth Ditto makes this song become a poweful foot stomping punk. Perfect song to accompany you in your Saturday Night. The Gossip who is becoming more and more famous by now should put this song if they will make a greatest hits someday. I actually prefer this than the new song 'Heavy Cross', this one have more attitude to it and more powerful sound to stomp your feet and jump around like maniac.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't Look Back in Anger

Well you might have known about the recent split of Oasis, which is one of my favorite band in the world. Yeah i take the news seriously i even shed a tear, and to remember the month of April when i saw them in Spore makes me even sadder. I have no idea that will be my first and last Oasis concert. I really really want to see them again someday, but now my dream has shattered :"""(

I know there are a lot of people who actually happy about this split, but me no i'm not even near happy. It hits me hard and at that time the news of DJ AM died didn't even hit me, i'm too shocked about Oasis splitting up. It is like loosing one of the great Rock n Roll band. Oasis will Live Forever!

Please dont put your life in the hands
Of a rock and roll band
who throw it all away

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Heart Of Life

Yes i'm alive peeps! So sorry for the lack of updates, i think twitter has taken over my blog. I know twitter is just some kind of an unimportant status update but... it's addictive! So, notice the slight change of my blog? I change the layout and the name. Got to give it a fresh new look you know?

Let's all dress up like a cowboy, go to the beach, and act like there's no tomorrow


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can't you hear it calling?

There's something about music concert that always amused me. I don't know why but i'm ok with spending my money to watch my favorite band to play live in front of my eyes, even though it only lasted for 2 hours (tops) but i still think it's worth every penny. Singing along with them, jumped and screamed at the top of my lung, seeing them live with my eyes just makes me feel happy and satisfied, the feeling after the concert is the best feeling ever (well according to me).

Yesterday, i have experienced one of the best concert and the most satisfying after Oasis in Spore. Phoenix rocks last night at Bengkel! And the best part is i met them at the meet and greet session held by Aksara Kemang. I'm sooooo happy that they signed my phoenix shirt and also my sister BB, oh god they're sooo nice. They are such a brave French guys, seriously they didn't cancel their concert in Jakarta because of that freakin bomb terror. Love you Phoenix, all of you are THE BOMB! :)

Oh yeah Phoenix just post a new update on their blog and they put 3 pictures of shirt. Picture No. 1 is my senior Kak Arunee and her homemade t-shirt, Picture no.2 is also my senior Kak Nurani with her homemade t-shirt, and picture no. 3 is a R.A.R.E shirt (a clothing shop owned by my sister friend) which is the shirt i buy but mine's blue not white. Cool huh?

P.S: You can visit R.A.R.E page on Facebook if you like to buy it, they have a lot of cool shirts there, trust me i have bought a lot of shirts there (Kak Errol should give me some credits for this promotion hahah)


Friday, July 31, 2009

When it's all over i'l let you know

No one knows the hard times I went through
If happiness came I miss the call
The stormy days ain't over
I've tried and lost know I think that I pay the cost
Now I've watched all my castles fall
They were made of dust, after all
Someday all this mess will make me laugh
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait...

- If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix

This year will be a trully hard times for me and also my friends. But i'm sure we will go through it easy, AMIN! We can do it guys!

P.S: I also can't wait for Phoenix concert tomorrow! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait :)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brand new colony

-Liz Lemon, 30 rock

Yes i'm back people and ready to blog again hahaha. Actualy i'm not in the mood for writing something because i'm super duper sleepy, yes blame the freakin jet lag!

I'm not gonna blab about my days in Europe because it will get too long and you'll get bored. It was fantastic though i had a blast with all of my friends and definitely want to go back and do it all over again :) I miss all the people there, i really do.

I don't know how to spell his name, sad :'(

It's a super duper fun but also tiring folklore festival. Chateau-Gombert rocks! :D

Eiffel here we comee!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half the world away

Tomorrow is the daayyy! Whoaaaa i'm going to Europe, at laaasst!! I hope i packed all of the things i needed there so i don't have to buy anything there because it's expensive! Gotta save my money for something that's worth to buy. Plus my mother give me a credit card supplement, i know it's awesome but i only can use it to buy something that my mom told me to buy and she will always keep an eye on me heheh. But i don't care i still have a credit card and yes my name is on it! hahahahha. Sorry for the lameness that's because i have never had a credit card before hihii so i'm pretty excited about it :))

There are a lot of excitement on this trip, maybe it's because this is my first time going to Europe and my first time going abroad without my mom. Lots of first time, eh? I hope this trip is going to be aweesomee and tomorrow's flight is going to A OK! So i will arrive in France and got back home to my beloved Jakarta safe and sound :) Also for all of my misbud friends who got sick, be tough guys! Eat your medication, consume more vitamin, and don't forget to eat!! And for myself, i hope my flu will be gone tomorrow, AMIN

Oh my god 3 weeks is a long time, i think i'll miss internet. My birthday is next week, 9th July to be precise. Don't forget ok? Just because i'm abroad doesn't mean you have to forget hahahah :D And also some of my friends will 'nyontreng' the new president there hahaha. Oh my god we will have a new president or maybe the same president but different vice president hehehhe.

July is definetely an exciting month :O

This is probably my last post for the next 3 weeks. Can't wait to post something with a lot of stories to tell! So, bye bye now see you in 3 weeks!

Au revoir,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wanna grow old with you

So, my holiday well you can't call it a holiday actually because my so called holidays is filled with dance practice at school from 9am to 3pm. Well i have my holiday just for a week it's not enough though, but i just keep reminding myself that i'll go to France eventually (yeaaaayyy). It's 7 days before i go, oh my god i can't wait!! There's a mix feeling about going to Marseille i'm scared but i'm excited. Why the hell am i scared? Well it's purely because i'll go to Europe without my family, i hope i can take care of myself and i hope i won't get sick :D

(bahasa indonesia: on)
Oke kemaren gw baru aja nonton Transformers ROTF bareng sama segerombolan anak2 Al-Izhar parah banyak banget tapi belom ngalahin pas nonton Spiderman 3 sih hahaha. Menurut gw sih actionnya emang lebih banyak daripada yag pertama tapi untuk cerita, gw personally lebih suka yang pertama. Tapi di sini Shia nya lebih cute sih hahahha, bodoh gitu dia terus unsur komedinya lebih banyak dari yang pertama. Gw sering banget ngakak di film ini tapi menurut gw banyak adegan kurang penting ya serius deh, itu ga penting banget ga nyambung sama filmnya dan agak kurang bersahabat dengan anak-anak kecil.

Terus abis nonton gw beli Jelly Lens buat kamera, jadi itu jelly lens nya di tempel di lensa kamera gitu terus gw beli nya kan yang bisa jadi sok2an fish eye ahaha lumayan sih hasilnya, berarti sekarang gw udh punya 2 cara untuk nge cheat kamera lomo (fish eye & colorsplash) hahahahaah :D Kayaknya pas gw misbud nanti akan banyak gw gunakan tuh Jelly Lens nya hehehehe. Reminder fo my self: BELI POST-IT!

Untuk persiapan gw pergi gw udah mulai packing dari sekarang, dan tentunya di bantu sama nyokap gw yang emang suka banget packing hahaha, terima kasih ibu! Terus satu hal sepele yang sebetulnya penting kalo menurut gw, yaitu: mengisi ipod dengan lagu2 yang akan menemani gw kurang lebih 3 minggu di sana. Terus gw bikin satu playlist khusus buat di sana hahaha kurang kerjaan emang. Tapi masih bingung judul playlist nya apa, ada usul?

Sebetulnya ada satu alasan kenapa gw buat playlist khusus, itu di karenakan gw sedang membaca Love Is A Mixtape ceritanya tentang orang yang selalu buat mixtape di tiap kejadian2 hidupnya yang berkesan kayak first date, first kiss, the one when he met his wife, etc. Pengen deh cowok kayak gitu, terus lucunya dia kalo suka sama cewe pasti dia selalu bilang " i'll make you a tape" yes i would like it if someone to make me a tape :) Si penulis nya (Rob Sheffield) selalu bilang dengan ia membuat tape-tape tersebut dia bisa menyimpan memori2nya karena sebuah lagu bisa membawa kita ke masa itu. Iya sih gw sering banget ngerasa gitu, kalo denger suatu lagu kadang2 teringat masa di mana gw lagi seneng2nya lagu itu.

One more thing, currently i'm in love with a band called Passion Pit, you may recognized them from John Mayer's website (yeah, he's a fan too). My favorite is Sleepyhead and Moth's Wing, i just love them, they're great!! Download them NOW! Their new album is called Manners, i saw it in Aksara Citos but i didn't buy it because i'm too broke haha, i'm trying to save my money from now on. I believe Passion Pit will be a great band in no time :)
"But you've run away from me
And you've left me shimmering
Like diamond wedding rings
Spinning dizzily down on the ground"
-Moth's Wing, Passion Pit

Well, that's it for now. I promise you i'll write again seconds before i have to go to the airport next week and that will be the last post for the next 3 weeks. After i get back i'll write all about my trip. Hope it will be such a great great great trip! :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twist and turn

Right now i really want a time machine
You know, the one that takes you back in time
I just think that maybe i can fix the things i did

stupid things

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Akhirnya gw bisa menjalani liburan dalam arti sesunguhnya karenan latihan nari misbud, libur satu minggu! Seneng bgt deh gw hahaha :D Liburan seminggu ini langsung gw buka dengan pergi ke Dufan! Gilaa seneng banget gw, gara2 dari dulu tuh berencana pergi kw Dufan tapi ga jadi2 huhuuh. Ada beberapa hal di hari itu yang membuat gw paling seneng ataupun sangat memorable karena lucu haha, menghibur bgt deh kemaren walaupun capek dan gw agak sedikit pusing karenan naik Kora2 pas udah sore jadi mas-mas nya yang udah rada asal hahah. Jadi ini dia highlight hari gw kemaren.

1. Cowo-cowo datang tepat waktu!
Mungkin karena di paksa Songko untuk dateng tepat jam 8.30 di rumah gw atau mereka akan di tinggal. Kaget banget pas gw ke bawah dan tiba2 ada cowo2 ngumpul di bawah kayak mau demo. Dan mereka itu dateng yg paling pertama, gw ga tau apa mereka sangat excited atau takut sama Songko hahaha :D

2. Tiket masuk Dufan sekarang Rp 140.000!
Damn banget ga sih? Padahal gw sama Songko cek di Websitenya masih Rp 90.000 dan untuk hari libur Rp 120.000. Ternyata Dufan sudah menetapkan dari tanggal 13 Juni 2009 sebagai Hari Libur Sekolah. Tolong dong di update website nyaaaa!! Kesel tau ga, merasa di khianati hahahha. Untung bawa duit lebih, kalo ga sia2 bgt gw ke Ancol ga jadi ke Dufan....

3. Pertama masuk langsung naik Kora-Kora, dan gw ikut.....
Ini adalah kedua kalinya gw naik Kora-Kora dalam hidup gw, kalo ga dipaksa sama yg lain buat ikut kayaknya gw ga mau naik lagi deh cukup sekali aja. Tapi ada pemandangan lucu sih di depan gw, ngeliat Wafi sama Bagus teriak2 itu sangat terhibur. Terlebih lagi keduanya adalah lulusan Al-Kautsar tapi pas teriak2 beda banget. Wafi teriak2 "Nge**ot" sementara Bagus "Allahu Akbar" dan sebelah mereka ada seorang ibu dan anaknya. Do the math guys hahah

4. Idhan terkapar tak berdaya setelah main Tornado
Ga lucu sih, tapi kasian ini sabar ya dhan. Lagian pertama main langsung Kora-Kora, Kicir-Kicir, dan Tornado yaiyalah langsung terkapar tak berdaya hahaha. Abis masuk Istabon, idhan langsung mengeluarkan keenekannya itu di depan Istabon dan gw yakin orang2 akan mikir "Kenapa nih orang? Orang cuman naik Istabon kok sampe kayak gitu?" hahaha sabar ya dhan! Tapi abis itu udah sehat sih dia.

5. Ngeliat ekspresi muka Bagus naik Tornado
Parah ini lucu banget! Lo harus liat langsung! Sebelum naik Tornado dia doa dulu cobaa hahaha, lucu banget nih orang. Plus kostumnya dia itu sangat ngelawak udah kayak turis beneran hahaha. Untung gw berhasil menangakap ekspresi mukanya dia itu yang sangat priceless hahahaha.

6. Gw akhirnya berani naik Halilintar!
Yap gw baru pertama kali naik Halilintar, dan gw akui gw ketagihan hahahhaha. Pengen naik lagi deh, padahal tadinya sebelum naik gw takut banget sampe di marahin Hannan gara2 teriak mulu haha maaf deh nan. Sayang cuman sekali puter, coba dua kali lebih mantap tuh hahaha

7. Naik Kora-Kora untuk kedua kalinya
Pertama kali gw naik Kora-Kora dua kali di hari yang sama, jadi total gw udh naik 3 kali. Tapi yang satu ini sangat gila! Mungkin karena udh sore, jadinya di naikin lebih tinggi dan lebih lama di atasnya, meennn pas udh tengah2 gw udh capek buat teriak plus gw udh mulai mual. Betul aja pas turun gw langsung duduk terkapar tak berdaya dan keringet dingin, untung Songko sama Manda bawa minyak kayu putih ahah sangat ampuh! Abis minum teh anget sama makan nasi goreng dikit, baru deh gw sembuh dan di tambah tidur di mobil amal hehehe

Ya begitulah kira2 kegiatan gw kemaren, intinya gw sangat senang dan puas karena gw banyak mainnya jadi Rp 140.000 lumayan membuat gw puas dari ketawa sampe lemes tak berdaya. Tapi tetep sih Rp 140.000 itu mahal! Hahahaha. Rencana berikutnya mau main Paintball atau ke Waterbom di hari Rabu tapi ga tau juga secara uang gw sudah di rampok oleh Dufan.

P.S: Foto2 harus di tunggu ya, biasalah upload foto di fb butuh kesabaran yang tinggi hehehe :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

"But honestly, won't someone stop this train?"

Listening to : Stop This Train - John Mayer (repeated over and over)

These past few days i'm having some kind of a panic attack. I don't know maybe it's because i'm turning 17 next month (9th July) , and now i'm a 12th grader the last grade of High School after that i will go to college, and so on and so on and so on. Well my panic attack are based on this list:

1. I have to maintain my grades, that means i have to study harder next semester. Meanwhile i'm a very lazy person.

2. My parents still believes getting into UI is the best thing that will ever happened in my educational life, and i believe it too. So i better work my ass off so i can get accepted in UI no matter what happens :D

3. I'm going to France next month to participate in a folklore festival named Chateau-Gombert that takes place in Marseille, and i'm scared that i will screw up in the last minute.

4. I'm a 12th grader now, that means next year i have to take that stinky UAN. Oh me don't want that....

5. I have to deal with a lot of studying, for example i even gave my Sunday morning lazy time to take an extra lesson in BTA 45 and yes it's in Tebet. It's super far away from my house T.T (i'll do anything for UI)

6. I have to say goodbye to my one and only school for 14 years (oh god i have no life)

7. It's been a while since i drive my own car, and i think i forgot how to do it...... (I need to practice again!!)

8. I can't get why am i such a lazy person, seriously i'm like a couch potato. I have to get rid of this bad habit, i have to change for god sake! <---- some quote from my friend, Vampibots or Fariz you can call him that

9 & 10 Basically i'm stressed out because i have to leave high school next year

Well that's that, i know i just have to let it flow and just enjoy every seconds of it. Well, i'm trying to do that also, but i just can't forget all of the things i said above. So sorry if this post is full of lame-ness, i'm going to make it up to you by giving some useful information about a new concert in town. Get ready to rock guys! Because Java Rockaddiction Festival is coming to town! Woohooooo and the wishlist includes John Mayer, Katy Perry, Oasis, Blur, and more!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"If you only, if you only say yes"

Di liat-liat dari kemaren gw nulis pake bhs inggris (sok banget ya? ahha) gw rada males sekarang pake bhs inggris jadi back to my native language aja ya yaitu Bahasa Indonesia

Currently Listening to: Yes-Coldplay
Pertama-tama seneng banget UUS udah selesai, rasanya lega dan alhamdulillah nilai gw lumayan lah dan yang paling mengagetkan nilai terjelek gw adalah nilai agama terus nilai bahasa indo gw lebih jelek daripada inggris bahkan perancis! Orang Indonesia beragama islam apa gw ini? hahahahhaha. Nilai yg paling mengecewakan sih hanya itu dan yg paling menyenangkan cuman satu yaitu eko-akuntansi :)

Enough buat masalah UUS yang sangat membuat gw pusing. Mestinya selesai UUS anak2 angkatan gw harus melakukan Community Service sebagai pengganti class meeting yang kadang2 suka ga penting itu. Tapi, karena gw mengikuti program misi budaya, gw dan teman2 lainnya ga ikut ComServ tetapi kami menjalani semingu latihan penuh dari Senin-Jumat dari jam 8 pagi-1 siang (melelakan? sangat). Di saat teman2 yang lain tidur2an di rumah ataupun melakukan Comserv, kami latihan terus. Puncak kelelahan gw adalah hari ini, entah kenapa capek banget, mungkin karena tadi adalah pertama kali kita semua running 6 tarian non-stop. Menurut gw ini adalah latihan terefektif, beneran deh biasanya tuh gara2 yg musik sibuk bikin musik Jaipong yang super ribet, yang bukan Jaipong end up tidur2an ataupun main kartu ahahah :p Tadi sih udah lumayan kata beberapa guru, tapi tetep harus bisa ditingkatkan lagi. Ayo kita bisa! Tanggal 2 gw udah berangkat lho dan
gw ulang tahun di sana sedikit sedih sih soalnya ga sama keluarga huhuhu tapi seneng juga soalnya di Perancis yeaayy! :D Doain ya semoga lancar dan sukses di sananya, kan bawa nama Indonesia juga ini hehehe.

Hari Jumat bagi rapot! Ga kerasa banget deh udah mau kelas 3, gw sedih harus menjalani ujian2 yang ribet itu di tambah masalah2 nyari kuliah SIMAK, UMB, dan kawan2nya itu. Gw kalo mikirin setaun dari sekarang kok stres ya? Takut ga keterima kuliah yang gw inginkan..... Semoga semua yg gw pengen bisa tercapai terutama kuliah di UI, amin amin amin. Hari Jumat Tim Misi Budaya juga akan tampil di GSG, semoga berhasil dan ga malu2in hehe amin!

Oke, cukup sepertinya untuk sebuah post yang tidak penting hahaha


Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Looking forward the Coliseum"

This song is currently stuck on my head and i keep repeating it on my itunes, i love love love it

Rome - Phoenix
It's taken from the Phoenix new album called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I like every songs in it but i like this one the most. I just can't wait till August too see their live performance in Jakarta! :D

"Rome Rome Rome Rome focus looking forward the coliseum"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Behind the timeless tunes

Ever wonder who's the man behind the wonderful music of Disney? Well this two guys, The Sherman Brothers is the ones who responsible for the timeless tunes that we grow up with. Disney will released a documentary for them called The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story. Here's the trailer, Enjoy!

Well I think it's going to be Supercalifragilisticexpialidoscious!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going nowhere

This past few days i have been dreaming about taking a road trip one day. It sounds fun doesn't it? Well it is to me. Especially after i watched 2 movie about road trip back to back and that is Elizabethtown and The Go-Getter. Both are good and sweet film, i like it a lot actually :)

The ending in Elizabethtown when Claire (Kirsten Dunst) gave Drew (Orlando Bloom) the map to his road trip back to Oregon was sooo sweet and the map, oh my god she made it oh so good. I want a road trip map like that complete with cool polaroid snapshots, mix cd to acompany you a long the way, and of course the map itself.

In The Go-Getter there were a scene when Kate (Zooey D) and Mercer (Lou Taylor Pucci) play in the beach running around, dress up like a cowboy with an artificial guns. It looks like fun, i want to try it, is there anybody want to join me? Also the scene where Mercer imagining Kate are in the car and they were talking face to face, where in fact he is talking to her by phone is too cute, and their conversation about squirrels and ice cream is totally random but i love it. Plus Zooey D looks very very very beautiful in the film, I adore her :)

All of that makes me want to have a road trip. Just go to places with you car, and enjoy every place you stay and just embarce the culture. My sister and my mom once had that road trip experience, actually they went to a road trip not too long ago but i didn't come with them, because i have to practice well you know that 'misbud' thingy -___- Well, i guess i have to wait to go on a road trip because my mom promise me we will go to East Java someday and have a lovely road trip! Yeaaayyy I can't wait :)

"I mean everybody's got to take a road trip, at least once in their lives. Just you and some music."
-Claire Colburn, Elizabethtown (2005)


Friday, May 22, 2009

D is for Dangerous

D is for Don't ever give up on things
D is for Dreams that we need to fulfill
D is for Dancing in the rain
D is for Doing things that we never expected before

and most of all
D is for Dare to be Different


Monday, May 18, 2009

Just one of those things

Currently i'm addicted to this things :

1. Coldplay Live Album LeftRightLeftRightLeft (makes me sad sometimes because it reminds me of their concert that i missed)

2. Lights and Music - Cut Copy

3. The Worst Taste In Music - The Radio Dept

4. Jay Baruchel as Windows in Fanboys :)

5. Twittering (follow me if you have one)

6. Little Miss Sunshine OST (especially Sufjan Stevens songs)

7. My Ipod = My mood booster :)

8. Taking lots of photo with Lumix DMC-LX2 but with a Post It attach to its flash and use Night Mode. So the photo can look like this...

Well not all of them will look like this. I guess i just got lucky when i take this shot. It's Mita by the way, in the pict.

9. Looking at Coldplay pictures via Twitter

This is Guy, cute eh? I love his glasses :)

10. Watching DVD's. Yesterday i watch 3 dvd in a row (The Royal Tenenbaums, Fanboys, and Gladiator). There's still a bunch of dvd's i need to watch, maybe tomorrow i'll watch 2 heheheh

Well, that's it my top 10 current addiction. I think next week I will have another current addiction hahahah. By the way is it just me or everybody feel this, i thought today is Friday and i think that means I need a long holiday! Can't wait for it, but unfortunately we have to go through a thing called UUS or whatever you called that. And oh yeah of course how can i forgot this particular thing, Karya Ilmiah! Yep it sucks i know hahahahha ;p


Monday, May 11, 2009

Till the end of time

Have you ever felt so sad that you just want to scream at the top of your lung? Well I have, it's about 2 months ago but unfortunately i didn't scream like Dwayne in the picture. The picture here is taken from Little Miss Sunshine (my favorite movie EVER!) in this scene, Dwayne (Paul Dano) has just acknowledge that he's colorblind and for that he can't go to flight school like he always dream for. Ini adalah salah satu scene favorite gw dari seluruh film, mengapa? Karena ga tau kenapa gw melihat scene ini kayak enak gitu dan gw jadi pengen coba. Bayangin aja Dwayne bersumpah tidak berbicara sampai dia bisa masuk Flight School dan tiba2 aja semua mimpinya hancur berkeping-keping, tentu saja ia sudah tidak tahan untuk marah dan memutuskan untuk keluar dari mobil and said "FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" as loud as he can. Gw bisa bayangin rasanya pasti lega banget, just taking out your anger and screams. Rada sedikit membantu sih soalnya kita bisa mengeluarkan amarah, daripada di simpan dalam hati dan jadi stress? Mending teriak sambil swearing hahahahha :)

P.S: Ini post rada ga penting sih sebetulnya hahahahha


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everything's not lost

Fast update: Chelsea didn't go through the final... A very controversial match and a very dramatic ending really because Barca scored a late goal at 90'+3' just before the final whistle and they won because the away goal. For all Barca fans i bet you are so happy right now, well good for you :)
Now Barca all you have to do is beat MU in the final! Please crush them, crush their dreams haha i know you can do it! Go go Barca, i'd rather see you guys win than MU ! Can't wait for the final it's going to be a great match i think :D

"....... it is unbelievable. It is the same as last year when the pain was unbelievable, it is now as well"
-Michael Ballack (

Photo taken from:
by: Jamie McDonald

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleeping in a submarine

I have a sociology test for tomorrow but instead of studying i do this hahaha. So it's Wednesday, 3 more days till weekend but it feels like forever! Like seriously, i think it's because this past three days i'm so tired and sleepy all day long -_-

There's a reason why i'm tired you know, it's been a 3 days of hell lot of work for me and my fellas. First of all, on Monday The Misi Budaya team performed in front of the whole high school for the first time! We all are nervous because we don't think we're ready yet, but it turned to be ok and not that bad. Of course the practices made me tired it was a lot of work , just imagine 6 hours from 8 am - 2pm (Saturday) and 9 am - 3 pm (Sunday) of course i'm tired, i need a rest people! But it's for the best because if we don't practice i don't want to end up performing some crappy traditional dance ahhahaha. So, i have to keep practicing and practicing because practice makes perfect! I hope Al-Izhar Misbud team will do well at the festival next July (fingers crossed).

Second reason why i'm tired is because Champions League!! Yes, i watch football and i'm addicted to it, i can get up early in the morning just to watch it ahaha and this morning i watched MU vs Arsenal. Of course i want Arsenal to win this match, no not because i'm an Arsenal fans but i just want to see MU lost for once in a while, come on MU you can't win everything! But MU won again.... so they will be in the final just like last year. I'm just hoping that they won't win the final ( Amin) no offense for all the MU fans hahaha. So, the second match will be Chelsea vs Barca and of course i'm rooting for Chelsea! Woohooooooooo go chelsea go! I'm so ready for the match hahaha. I Can't wait, i hope they will win and go to the finals! And it will be last year all over again but please let Chelsea win this year........ Please please please :)

So to prevent me from having a sleepy day all over again i have to sleep like right now because i have to be awake at 2 am in the morning! I hope it will be a great match with a great ending and that is Chelsea winning! (fingers crossed) hahahahhahaha :D


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I want to be forgotten, and I don't want to be reminded".

Currently i have been listening to some of the Marie Antoinette original soundtrack, it's actually a 2006 movie and i watched it during Jiffest 2006 (which i think the best Jiffest so far), and two weeks ago my history teacher play the movie for us, because we are curently leaarning about The French Revolution. The movie (i think) it's very entertaining especially the costumes and of course the soundtrack :), but the ending........ one word: Blaahh! it's not a word actually haha. Well if you haven't seen it you just have to see it by yourself it's very dissapointing and all of my classmates agree (we finish the film today by the way). I'm not here to review about the movie, because i'm not a movie reviewer like my friend Fariz haha. I'm here to share the soundtrack which i think is a very cool soundtrack, you can listen one of my favorite by Bow Wow Wow (it's not bow wow the rapper!) on my Soundtrack Of The Week box. Enjoy ! :)

P.S: I want to buy the CD but i have no idea where am i going to find it. Obviously i won't find it in Disc Tarra or anywhere near.....


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Put your records on

"Now, a frightening thing happened to me last week. I went into the HMV in Selfridges - I could spend 2 hours in there just looking at records - only to be told by one of the staff that they don't sell CDs anymore!! A fuckin' outrage.

"It's the future", said the kid.
"Fuck the future", s
aid I.

- Noel Gallagher
Agree with Noel here, i could just wandering around HMV just looking at records or searching for some cool t-shirts (I just love the t-shirts, it's awesome!). Oh how i wish HMV someday will open in Jakarta. Talking about CD's i'm quite shock when i read the text above, because HMV is a records store and that means there a lots of cd's but now they don't sell cd's in Selfridges store ( i hope not every HMV store will do this) , what a big question mark. I can't imagine a world without cd's because i spend most of my money to buy those round and shiny thingy. I don't know why i have a weakness for that, i could spend a a lot more money to buy cd's than to buy clothes (what's the matter to me? like seriously i think i'm weird).

One time i've been waiting for this particular cd for a long long time, and when i saw it on a cd rack at Aksara Citos, i grabbed it without hesitating even though it is expensive and i know that it's above the normal price for a cd, but when i look at some cool clothes that i really liked i think for a bit and then i return it to the rack because i think it's too expensive for a piece of clothing. Weird, eh? But it is not that i'm not interested in clothes at all, i'm still going crazy when it is time for a big sale (especially forever 21) because at that time i can buy all those clothes without a guilty feeling (i think every girl thinks like that haha)

Well now you know that i have a weakness for cd's. Now I want to know your weekness when it comes to shopping, tell me what it is ok? OK!

P.S: I think if HMV eventually will open in Jakarta I will go gugu gaga and it will be one of my favorite store to shop and i can spend hours and hours and hours there and my money will runs out like the speed of sound hahahah ;p


Monday, April 27, 2009

Picture of my life

It is just a little random personality quiz i found. Quiet interesting really because i think this quiz describes me really well and i think it's 98% right hahahah. Tell me what you think, is this me?

Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Breaking news: Mew probably will perform on 4th August in Bandung! I'll keep you posted on this news. I hope this one is real, amiinnn :)


Love is no big truth

Honestly guys, what do you know about love?
All i know is love makes the world go round, seriously can you imagine a world without love? Well, i don't :p
But I think love is a big word to say because everyone have a different views of what they called love. Some people celebrate love with they're loved ones it is not have to be their boyfriend or girlfriend it could be their family, their friends, or maybe even their pets(?), ok the last one is a little bit weird. Some people celebrate love by doing what they think is the most important things in their life, like a workaholic for example i think they really do love working don't they? It's their way to be happy, so i won't complain unless they are my family or my husband in the future (you better love your family mister!)
"I know that love is unconditional. But I also know it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing"

This is getting a little bit cheesy don't you think? Yeah love is cheesy i have to admit it hahaha :D
One last thing i found this new movie trailer called Paper Heart it is actually a story about Charlene Yi who doesn't believe in love and she go around the states to interview people about what they think about love. It is actually quiet interesting and it definitely got in my 'movies to watch in 2009' list. Well just see the trailer and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)


Friday, April 24, 2009

"Cold, cold water what you say? It's such, it's such a perfect day"

I have just experience a once in a lifetime trip to Jayamukti a village in Tasikmalaya. Along the way back home to Jakarta all i see is a a perfect surrounding with a perfect sunshine from my window. While i'm listening to Strawberry Swing-Coldplay i imagine if i live there and just sit in the 'saung' looking right at the river and at that moment i realized that it will be over soon. I have to go back to the rush of the city with all the polution and traffic jam and all the things that i didn't see in Jayamukti... :'(

This trip is one of the most memorable trip that i ever had... :)
Many thanks to Pak Didi and Ibu Nani (my host parents) and Devi (my new friend from Al-Muttaqin High School in Tasikmalaya). It's such an honor to know you, and thanks for all the Sundaneese lesson and teach me how to make a handicraft made from bamboo :D


Monday, April 20, 2009

Ocean of Noisess

Mestinya sih gw lagi packing sekarang buat siap2 PLASA besok tapi kayaknya gw tinggal masuk2in alat mandi yang masih gw pake sampe nanti malem sama senter yang lagi di betulin, jadi gw mengisi spare time dengan nulis blog aja hahahah.

Hhhmmm let's see besok gw akan berangkat menjalankan sebuah kegiatan sekolah yang berjudul PLASA (i don't know what it stands for heheheh :p *sorry*) Di PLASA ini kami anak2 Al-Izhar angkatan 13 berkunjung ke desa yang telah kami pilih, gw dan kelompok gw memilih untuk meneliti Desa Jayamukti dan kami mengambil topik mengenai kerajinan bambu mereka. Kami akan tinggal di rumah-rumah penduduk dan bener2 merasakan menjadi orang desa. Believe it or not i actually excited for this because i can experience something new, living in a village far from the loud noisess of the city :D Tapi gw males mengadakan penelitian nya ituuu karena suka ribet apalagi nanti mengolah datanya hhhhhh. Tapi dari cerita2 kakak kelas dan juga kakak gw katanya PLASA itu pasti seru dan pasti ngangenin hehehe jadi penasaran deh gw hahaha. Jadi tunggu aja post gw berikutnya pasti akan mengenai PLASA ini soo wait for it, because i think it's going to be awesome ;D (doain ya besok gw dan teman2 sampai tujuan dengan selamat dan pulang ke Jakarta juga selamat, Amin..)

Enough about PLASA, this past few months i found a bunch of movies that i think is going to be awesome and i made a list and here it is:
1. (500) Days Of Summer
2. Where The Wild Things Are (you can see the trailer on my previous post)
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. Taking Woodstock
5. My Sister's Keeper
6. Adventureland
7. Nowhere Boy (it's still in production so the info might change)

That's the list! Click it if you want to see the trailer or just read the info, i hope you enjoy it like i did :)


P.S: Wish me luck for PLASA! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doris is the soul of this band!

I have nothing to do right now but i want to share this, it's a quote taken from Almost Famous (2000) it's a movie about a high-school boy, William Miller who is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band and that is Stillwater as he accompanies it on their concert tour. On the tour he discovers the life of being a rock and roll band with all the chicks, the drugs, the sex, but also the fun of being on tour with them. This is one of my favorite movie to date :D
Jeff Bebe : I don't think anyone can really explain rock 'n' roll. Maybe Pete Townshend, but that's okay. Rock 'n' roll is a lifestyle and a way of thinking... and it's not about money and popularity. Although, some money would be nice. But it's a voice that says, "Here I am... and fuck you if you can't understand me."

Penny Lane : "We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"God give me soul in your rock and roll band"

5 April 2009, Singapore Indoor Stadium
Semua penonton berteriak dengan histeris seiring dengan lampu yang mati serta munculnya Andy, Gem, Noel, dan Liam yang di iringi oleh intro lagu Fuckin In The Bushes mereka siap untuk menghibur ribuan penonton yang sudah memenuhi Singapore Indoor Stadium sejak sore tadi. Antrian yang sudah panjang sejak pukul 4 sore membuktikan bahwa Oasis masih menjadi salah satu band rock terbaik di dunia saat ini yang sanggup menyaring ribuan penonton yang saya yakini 60% dari penonton konser mereka di Singapura adalah orang Indonesia. Saya merasa sangat beruntung karena saya dapat menonton konser mereka di deretan depan dan langsung berhadapan dengan sang gitaris Gem Archer. Saya tak pernah menyangka saya bisa menonton mereka sedekat ini.

Penonton langsung di gebrak dengan lagu Rock N Roll Star yang membuat ribuan penonton berteriak dan juga bernyanyi bersama bait demi bait. Lalu di lanjutkan dengan hits-hits ternama mereka dari album-album sebelumnya dan juga dari album terbaru mereka yaitu Dig Out Your Soul. Saya masih berdecak kagum dengan penampilan band ini yang termasuk band tua dan para anggota nya pun sudah ada yang menginjak umur 40 tahum (Gem dan Noel) tapi entah mengapa mereka masih bisa membuat saya berpikir bahwa mereka masih berumur 30-an yang membuat semua perempuan di dalam SIS berteriak histeris (termasuk saya). Gem Archer (42) membuat saya entah mengapa terkagum-kagum atas permainan gitarnya (dan juga wajahnya) walaupun Gem bisa di katakan sangat banyak gaya karena sering sekali ia merapikan rambutnya itu dan hampir setiap lagu ia berganti gitar dan membuat saya bertanya " Punya berapa gitarkah Gem Archer?"

Liam pun yang sangat terkenal dengan gaya tak peduli dan bermain sesukanya bisa terlihat di konser malam itu. Ia meninggalkan panggung dan dalam perjalanan masuk ke backstage ia 'mencolek' pantat Gem Archer dan lalu ia pergi dengan cueknya. Ketika panggung tidak di lengkapi dengan Liam giliran Noel sang kakak lah yang bernyanyi. Ia menyanyikan The Masterplan, dan beberapa lagu lainnya. Sayangnya lagu-lagu andalan Oasis yang saya tunggu-tunggu tidak di mainkan seperti Don't Go Away, Live Forever, Stand By Me, dan Some Might Say. Tapi lagu-lagu kesukaan saya yaitu Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, dan Morning Glory alhamdulillah di nyanyikan dan mereka berhasil membuat saya lemas tak bisa berkata apa-apa.

Konser Oasis di Singapura di tutup dengan encore yang berisi lagu: Don't Look Back In Anger, Falling Down, Champagne Supernova, dan I Am The Walrus (The Beatles Cover). Walaupun saya sedikit kecewa karena mereka tidak membawa lagu Don't Go Away yang saya rasa akan akan menjadi lagu akhir konser yang baik dan cukup bisa membuat saya menitikan air mata dan mengatakan "Oasis.. Don't go awaaayyyy", saya masih berpikir bahwa konser ini adalah konser terbaik yang pernah saya tonton sampai saat ini. Walapun saya harus rela tergencet-gencet, mengeluarkan uang yang cukup banyak ( and it's worth every penny) dan merelakan sepatu saya untuk menjadi korban, saya tetap menikmati konser ini dengan sepenuh hati, bagaimana tidak saya berada tepat di depan mereka, dan mereka bukan hanya sekedar band dari Inggris mereka adalah Oasis salah satu band rock terbesar abad ini.

Foto ini di ambil oleh kakak saya yang ada di free standing pen A dan saya ada di free standing pen B tepatnya saya ada di bawah sang gitaris Gem Archer yang ada di paling kiri

Full Setlist
  1. Fucking In the Bushes
  2. Rock'n'Roll Star
  3. Lyla
  4. The Shock of the Lightning
  5. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  6. The Meaning of Soul
  7. To Be Where There's Life
  8. Waiting for the Rapture
  9. The Masterplan
  10. Songbird
  11. Slide Away
  12. Morning Glory
  13. Ain't Got Nothin'
  14. The Importance of Being Idle
  15. I'm Outta Time
  16. Wonderwall
  17. Supersonic
  18. Don't Look Back in Anger
  19. Falling Down
  20. Champagne Supernova
  21. I Am The Walrus (The Beatles cover)

Saya menghela nafas karena konser yang masuk dalam list "10 things i have to do before i die" sudah berakhir dan saya hanya bisa berteriak dalam hati
"Toniiightt I'm A Rock N Roll Star!!!!"


Friday, April 3, 2009

Where's Your Head At?

Udah deh gw ga ngerti apa pikiran para caleg tahun ini.......... Speechless. Ada yang sok2 jadi James Bond lah, jadi Gandalf lah. Yang paling kreatif sih yang bisa bikin singkatana OBAMA (Ooo BAyuadiperMAna) bisa aja deh caleg2 seakarang. Indonesia tuh kreatif sebetulnya tapi cara menyalurkannya aja salah jadinya lebih menjurus ke kampungan dan plagiat. Kayaknya pemilu tahun ini menjadi pemilu yang paling menghibur buat gw hahahahha, dan membuat gw ntn metro tv untuk liat perkembangan yang lucu2. Lumayanlah bisa menambah wawasan ttg berita2 terkini ttg pemilu hehehehe


Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's the wild thing

Ok, Since last year i have been waiting for this particular movie called "Where The Wild Things Are" it is based on Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a little boy who got sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world which is a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler. Ohh i want to see this movie soo badd! But I have to wait until October huhuhuh that's a long time you know! But i found their first trailer in YouTube and i really really liked it! I mean Arcade Fire song is playing at the background, can't wait for this moviee!! Wohooooo

The music playing on this trailer is Arcade Fire- Wake up. Oh yeah Paul Dano is in this film too he's the voice of Alexander and Forest Whitaker is the voice of Ira! Awesoommeeeee :)

"Some might say we will find a brighter day"

Right now i can say that i'm in love with The Gallagher Brothers (Noel & Liam). Well they are the pioneer of one of the Best British Rock Bands right now and that is Oasis. I mean they are so confident with they're music, and they don't give a f*ck about what others thinks, for me that is just soo wonderful.
“We're not arrogant, we just believe we're the best band in the world.” - Noel Gallagher

And they're not just bluffing, everybody should agree that their music is just sooo freakin wonderful! I really really like all their music and i'm so thrilled when they realease their newest album "Dig Out Your Soul". Well, it's not better than all the previous albums which is a freakin masterpiece! But i can live with that, I still spend my money on the CD though. My favorite track from the CD is "Falling Down" (it's the track in my "Currently Loving This" box) which is their newest single and you can already see the Music Video on their official YouTube.

One last thing why I love them: They hates Manchester United!! Oh yeahhhh this is the best one! hahahaha. There are an interviews that i found on YouTube and they are being interviewed separately but when the interviewer ask "What do you hate the most" and they say the same thing and that is " I hate Manchester United" hahahahahhahah it's so funny

This is the Liam Gallagher interview which i think is funnier because they ask to tell 10 things that he hates the most and Liam said " I hate Manchester United 10 times, is that alright?" hahaha

Well, for some updates of my life i think there are no interesting updates so far. Because of this chickenpox i have to stay at home and do nothing besides browsing, watching tv, or do some homework from school and try to catch up with all the lesson huhuhuhu. I'm so stressed out! I have 3 test that i missed and i have to catch up with all the Math stuffs and my friend told me that now is getting more complicated T.T I think have to take some extra lessons from my Math teacher as soon as i come back to school (which is Monday!!) . Just pray for me so that my grades won't fall apart just because i have to missed school for hhmm about 2 weeks perhaps?


Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

How tides control the sea, and what becomes of me
How little things can slip out of your hands
How often people change, not to remain the same
Why things don't always turn out as you plan

These are things that I don't understand

Yeah, these are things that I don't understand

I can't, and I can't decide
Wrong, oh my wrong from right
Day, oh my day from night
Dark, oh my dark from light
I live, but I love this life

How infinite is space, and who decides your fate
Why everything will dissolve into sand
How to avoid defeat, when truth and fiction meet
Why nothing ever turns out as you plan

These are things that I don't understand
Yeah, these are things that I don't understand

I can , and I can't decide
Wrong, oh my wrong from right
Day, oh my day from night
Or dark, oh my dark from light
I live, but I love this life
Things I Don't Understand - Coldplay

Sesekali pernah ga berpikir mengenai takdir? Apa yang Allah sembunyikan untuk kita, rencana apa yang telah Ia buat dalam hidup kita semua. Yang gw tau takdir manusia adalah sebuah misteri, ga ada seorangpun yang tau pasti apa yang akan terjadi di hari esok. Kita pasti punya rencana tertentu tetapi ga semua rencana rencana itu bisa berjalan dengan baik kalau Allah meridhoi rencana itu pasti akan berlangsung edngan lancar tetapi apabila Allah mengatakan tidak pasti ada aja sesuatu yang menghalangi.

Yap, gw mengalami hal seperti ini, sebulan yang lalu gw berencana untuk pergi ke Spore untuk nonton my all time favorite band yaitu Coldplay yang akan tampil malam ini jam 8 malam di Singapore Indoor Stadium. Semuanya udah siap, udah fix, tiket udah beli pokoknya udah siap banget tinggal nunggu hari H untuk berangkat. Gw sangat semangat dan sangat ga sabar untuk nunggu hari ini datang (bisa di liat di post2 blog sebelumnya betapa gw menunggu2 hari ini). Tapi kenyataannya hari ini gw masih ada di Jakarta ga bisa berkutik dan hanya bisa mendengarkan Coldplay via Itunes ataupun liat video mereka di youtube. Gw ga bisa nonton band favorit gw di dunia ini karena gw sakit cacar air tepat seminggu yang lalu (tanggal 16 Maret) dan terpaksa harus diam di rumah dan di karantina selama seminggu ini. Pas gw tau gw cacar dan kemungkinan besar ga bisa nonton Coldplay gw nangis dan gw ga ngerti lagi seberapa sedihnya gw.

Tapi sekarang gw udah ikhlas dan nerima, dan berusaha ga sedih lagi :D Karena kalau gw nangis terus dan terus menerus menyesali lama2 capek juga lagian dengan bersedih terus ga akan membuat gw tiba2 ada di Spore kan? Jadi buat apa gw sedih2 lagi, gw harus meyakinkan diri bahwa suatu saat nanti pasti gw bisa nonton mereka atau mungkin mereka akan ke sini hehehhehe. Orang2 terdekat gw semuanya bilang pasti ada hikmahnya dan gw juga yakin akan itu, semua ini pasti ada hikmahnya. Yang pasti karena hal ini gw jadi berlatih untuk nerima kenyataan yang ga selalu berjalan dengan apa yang kita inginkan. Manusia boleh berencana dan berusaha tetapi hanya Tuhanlah yang memutuskan.

Takdir itu harus di jalani kita ga bisa menyesali dan terus melihat ke belakang. Kita harus tetap berpikir ke depan dan meninggalkan yang lalu. Kalau nasi sudah jadi bubur kita bisa membuat bubur itu jadi bubur ayam yang enak :D Jadi jangan menyesali apa yang sudah terjadi karena itulah jalan hidup kita.

"You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go" -The Curious Cas of Benjamin Button

Someday i will rock with you Mr. Martin, oh yes I will ;D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My life according to Doubutsu Uranai

Lagi bosen aja terus gw nyoba Doubutsu Uranai udah lama sih ini dan gw udah pernah baca juga. Tapi karena isinya sangat tepat tiba2 gw pengen baca lagi hihihii :D So here it is :

You are Red Sheep who remains like a young girl with pure and innocent heart.
You do not forget consideration for others, and tries to be kind without putting any pressure to the other person.
You tend to be very dependent on people around you, and therefore are able to adapt to new environment quite easily.
Nevertheless, you will experience many ups and downs in your life.
You are not a weak type; you can show perseverance and aggressiveness.
You tend to be stubborn, and not easily show your real feelings.
You also tend to be calculative, and are sensitive to profit and loss.
You can make shrewd decisions concerning money.
When you don't get your way, you can be sultry and feel sorry for yourself.
You have lots of friends and are a very sociable person.
However you tend to feel lonely easily and lack independence.
You can show great talent through learning from your own experience in the society, rather than from school education.
You will be able to follow a successful life by first taking an assistant kind of job, and then later starting your own business.
After getting married, you will be able to run your house extremely well.
You may become too obsessed with your children's education.
Your type of people tends to choose either being a housewife or your career.

Yang di bold itu menurut gw sangat benar hehehhe. I'm sensitive with profit and loss like seriously makanya gw mungkin akan sedikit suka itung2an gitu heheheh, apalagi kalo udah end of the month pasti udah ngirit2 banget. And yes i do feel i'm still like a young girl with an innocent heart hahaha ;)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update to my life

Ok, here's an update of my life so far:

1. I have chickenpox, so i have to stay at home for like hhmm 2 weeks perhaps?

2. I missed Coldplay concert in Spore because i have the No 1 thing T.T *cried a lot 3 days ago, now i'm a little over it hhhhhhhh

3. Al-Izhar's soccer teams (SMP + SMA) are through to the finals in Al-Izhar Olympic *big yeaayyyy* but i can't go and cheer for them today because i have the no 1 thing again....

4. Currently loving to all She & Him tunes love love love Zooey Deschanel and i think everybody should not compare Zooey with Katy Perry because they are sooooooooo different in a lot of ways ;D

5. I just found My Neighbour Totoro Full Anime on Youtube with english subtitles! , oh gosh i'm so happy!

6. I missed my friends so much right no, huhuhu i missed school! It's going to be hell when i'm back to school though, i mean there a lot of things that i have to catch up *darn this unwanted chickenpox!*

In conclusion i missed a lot of things because of the so called unwanted chickenpox... I mean helloooo i have been waiting for months to watch Coldplay in Spore!!!! Well, i'm trying to focused on the brightside now because regretting ain't gonna make me healthy, is that right? hahahahha

I can't wait to go to school soon, i missed my friends so much i want to hug them, each one of them huhuhuhu missed you a lot guys. Tell me lots of stories when i got back ok? hihihi :D
I think that's enough, Totoro is waiting on the screen yeaayyyyy


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Al-Izhar Olympic worst case scenario

Hari ini hari kedua dari Al-Izhar Olympic, tapi opening ceremony nya baru di adakan sekarang bertepatan dengan ulang tahun Perguruan Islam Al-Izhar Pondok Labu. Udah pasti hari ini semua pada sibuk, terutama panitia inti yang udah kerja keras beberapa bulan ini (yes, they do work very bery hard). Gw sebagai panitia film pendek/puisi dan juga merangkap tim kesehatan dan juga perlengkapan berpikir bahwa hari ini mungkin tidak akan terlalu susah dan sedikit santai, karena hari ini bukan shift gw untuk jaga dan festival film pendek baru di mulai tgl 15 kalo g salah hehhe. Tapi anggapan gw sedikit salah, ga sedkit malah sangat salah! Mengapa? mari simak cerita gw di bawah.

Kira2 jam 4an gw sama yang lain ada di GSG sambil nonton pertandingan pencak silat SD (ini lucu banget lho gemesin anak2nya haha) kita duduk2 di pinggir lapangan sambil ngobrol dan juga sambil beres2 kotak P3K dan mempelajarai kegunaannya (saking kurang kerjaan). Eh tiba-tiba Cininta datang dengan muka tidak bersalah mengatakan
"eh di depan ada yang di tabrak mobil tuh"
spontan semua langsung pada kaget dan semua yang kesehatan di situ lsg lari tanpa peduli kalo kotak p3k nya itu belom di kancing. Kita ga peduli itu ujan yang namanya panik udah ga bisa di belenggu lagi. Kita lari nyusul si korban kecelekaan yg udah di bawa ke UKS SMP, sampe di sana kita panik sendiri karena kaki si Mba itu udah luka dan berdarah2, pokoknya bikin merinding dan menakutkan ( we are not preapred for this thiiingg!!) dan bodohnya kita semua panik2 ga jelas dan g ngerti mau ngapain. Yang paling bodoh kita ngebuka tabung oksigen pas di buka, tutupnya yg untuk di pencet itu jatoh ke bawah tempat tidur, udah susah2 ngambil pake gagang sapu ternyata ga dipake (ini terlalu lucu kalo liat kejadian aslinya hahaha). Akhirnya si mba kita bersihin dulu lukanya pake alkohol biar ga infeksi. Kita cuma bisa bantu itu dulu, karena lukanya cukup parah dan perlu seorang yang profesional unutk menangani lebih lanjut.

Tadinya kita mau manggil ambulans secara kita semua yang tim kesehatan ga ngerti begini2an, takutnya infeksi dalam atau apa gitu jadi kita juga takut. Tapi salah satu guru gw bilang ga usah! Gw ga ngerti nih dia cara pikirnya gimana. Satu lagi yang bikin kesel majikan si mba ini kayak nyolot gituuu, masa kan mau di bawa ke rumah sakit sama dia tapi dengan begonya si mba ini dia suruh duduk di depan (??!!) Ga mikir apa kakinya lagi sakit, terus kita kan bawa pake tandu, emang ga repot apa belom lagi kaki si mba yang lagi sakiitt. Hellooooo pembantu juga perlu di tolong loh,suruh dia tiduran di belakang kek. Majikannya ngalah kek gitu yaa, kalo gw jadi majikan atau anak majikan sih gw akan ikut peduli juga ya, serius deh gw beneran. Kasian banget tuh si Mba yang malang, sabar ya mbaaaaaa semoga cepat sembuh.

Kejadian di atas bener2 buat kita semua panik, ini baru hari kedua lho mudah2an hari2 berikut ga seheboh ini yaaaa huhu. Capek banget sampe2 tim kesehatan yang ga shift juga harus turun
tangan. Bahkan tim kesehatan dari semua lapangan kayaknya di panggil gara2 kejadian ini (kayaknya pada panik semua gitu). Intinya gw belajar kita ga bisa santai di Olympic! Always prepare for the worst case scenario! hahahhaha Ayoo kita semangaaattt yaaaa hahahah ;D