Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 tracks of the week pt.2

Time for more 5 tracks of the week! I kinda love to do this maybe it will be my permanent post hahaha :p. So here it goes....

1. Flashback-Calvin Harris
Great great ggreat dance tune! Gaaaahh i love it since the first moment i hear it! This song makes you wanna dance all night long like seriously i'm not kidding :p Calvin Harris is a Scottish electronic musician and FYI he is the producer of Kylie Minogue album 'X'. His fiirst debut album called 'I Created Disco" was release in 2007 (which is a big success), and now he's back with his second album titled 'Ready For The Weekend' well by listening to this tune i am certainly ready for the weekened! :D

2. French Navy-Camera Obscura
A feel good pop-ish song with a nice lyrics to sing a long. Somehow this song have that sound to make you happy and feel perky. The vocal also have this vintage sounds that is very cathcy and easy listening. So from the first moment i heard this song i'm immediately fallling in love with it. Just keep an eye on Camera Obscura tunes, because they're great!

3. Fuck You-Lily Allen
This is my favorite track from the album! Maybe it's just because i'm in an angry mood at the time i listened to it hehehe but really, this song is about anger and so on but Lily Allen can make it sounds like a feel good song. This has proven that anger isn't always relates with screaming and headbangin. Great job Lily!

4. Mrs. Cold-Kings of Convenience
Finally they are back with a new album called Declaration of Dependence woohooo! I have been waiting this for so long i feel so happy! Well this song is just like typical KoC, soothing sounds and fantastic guitar play but i just love it. It cathes my ear because the intro is just beautiful and absolutely great. I hope they will visit Indo on their next tour *fingers crossed*

5. Rome-Phoenix (Neighbours with Devendra Banhart remix)
THIS IS TOP NOTCH! The original track itself is my favorite and this remix is great great great love it 100%. Phoenix + Devendra = greatness! To dwonload or just hear it just visit here

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