Monday, May 18, 2009

Just one of those things

Currently i'm addicted to this things :

1. Coldplay Live Album LeftRightLeftRightLeft (makes me sad sometimes because it reminds me of their concert that i missed)

2. Lights and Music - Cut Copy

3. The Worst Taste In Music - The Radio Dept

4. Jay Baruchel as Windows in Fanboys :)

5. Twittering (follow me if you have one)

6. Little Miss Sunshine OST (especially Sufjan Stevens songs)

7. My Ipod = My mood booster :)

8. Taking lots of photo with Lumix DMC-LX2 but with a Post It attach to its flash and use Night Mode. So the photo can look like this...

Well not all of them will look like this. I guess i just got lucky when i take this shot. It's Mita by the way, in the pict.

9. Looking at Coldplay pictures via Twitter

This is Guy, cute eh? I love his glasses :)

10. Watching DVD's. Yesterday i watch 3 dvd in a row (The Royal Tenenbaums, Fanboys, and Gladiator). There's still a bunch of dvd's i need to watch, maybe tomorrow i'll watch 2 heheheh

Well, that's it my top 10 current addiction. I think next week I will have another current addiction hahahah. By the way is it just me or everybody feel this, i thought today is Friday and i think that means I need a long holiday! Can't wait for it, but unfortunately we have to go through a thing called UUS or whatever you called that. And oh yeah of course how can i forgot this particular thing, Karya Ilmiah! Yep it sucks i know hahahahha ;p



Mita said...

boleh juga dan fotonya, hihi. btw fanboys seru ga? pengen nonton juga..

danids said...

Bagus kok lucu gitu lumayan penghibur tapi lo harus ngerti jokesnya Star Wars biar lebih kena hahaha

Fariz Razi said...

gw udah download leftrightleftrightleft juga nih tapi belom gw extract2 hahahaha

danids said...

hahaha gw dua kali download riz yg pertama ga bisa kebuka gitu. Unutng yang kedua bisa haha

Indira said...

color splashiiing~

ditacipo said...

Jay Baruchel :3 lucu! hahaha

Anonymous said...

hey, thank you for visiting my site. anyway, i think (and i do believe) we have quite similar taste. Coldplay lover!!!!

iya nih udah dua minggu lalu donlod free albumnya, kalo dnger fix you gila pengen liat konsernya langsung neh.

btw suka ost little miss sunshine juga ya... gw suka score openinggnya.. mysteriously uplifting!!!

salam kenal ya...

Anonymous said...

o ya atu lagu.. you said, you had missed coldplay's concert? when and where?

danids said...

thanks juga udah visit hehehe, iyaa dengerin albumnya itu bikin merinding banget. Wah Kisah gw gagal nonton konser Coldplay sangat menyedihkan deh pokoknya. Gw mestinya ntn yang di Sing kemaren tgl 23 Maret tapi tiba2 gw kena cacar, jadi gagal deh hahahah.
Padahal tinggal seminggu lagi tiba2 gw cacar, nyesek parah rasanya hahahaha

I love everything about Little Miss Sunshine, best movie ever!
Salam kenal juga ya :)