Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Coldplay-ish Life

So i want to be Bigger and Stronger but there are a lot Things I Don’t Understand. I ask Marianne and Moses and the they told me “Don’t Panic” i have to be calm and drink a Glass Of Water. Then i went to Violet Hill and Yes i cry, i don’t even see a Warning Sign of what am i about to do next, i have absolutely no idea. This is The Hardest Part of my life, the one where i have to make choices about my life and i don’t want to be Swallowed In The Sea because of my wrong decisions. Then i decided to take things In My Place, i want to Talk to my Brothers and Sisters about this and also my parents.

The Clocks are ticking and i began to Shiver is this a right decision? Can i even make this one come true and make my family proud. My mom told me that i can go to Amsterdam to take my Master degree if i am interested in law. All this thinking makes me feel like A Rush Of Blood To The Head. I don’t want to get in Trouble so i have to act right.

There are currently 42 new tweets appearing on my Twitterfox, this is one of the things that distract me from studying. And this Yellow Economics book are hunting me. It is like i hear A Whisper from it saying “You have to study..” I think times really do passed by just like that. They are running like a Speed of Sound. One time you look at the sky and it’s still a sunny Daylight then the night comes and the Cemetery of London becomes such a creepy place. I must admit sometimes i want to take control of time you know pause, stop, rewind, or even skip it. Such a shame that The Scientist have not yet invented a time machine.

I do hope that Everything’s Not Lost when i leave High School please just say “We Never Change” because i have the best group of friends in High School i really do, and you’re all the One I Love. Life is Such A Rush it’s going with a really High Speed. So my school mates, in the future i want to see a Postcards From Far Far Away and that postcard is from you! Maybe you will live in different countries with such an awesome job. Just please be Careful Where You Stand.. because it’s not always a Life In Technicolour If you’re not be careful you might catch yourself back in Square One.

That’s it fellas i hope God Put A Smile Upon Your Face today. This Rainy Day makes me sleepy and I hope I’ll See You Soon. Wish me luck on my future decisions, Viva La Vida!



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