Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half the world away

Tomorrow is the daayyy! Whoaaaa i'm going to Europe, at laaasst!! I hope i packed all of the things i needed there so i don't have to buy anything there because it's expensive! Gotta save my money for something that's worth to buy. Plus my mother give me a credit card supplement, i know it's awesome but i only can use it to buy something that my mom told me to buy and she will always keep an eye on me heheh. But i don't care i still have a credit card and yes my name is on it! hahahahha. Sorry for the lameness that's because i have never had a credit card before hihii so i'm pretty excited about it :))

There are a lot of excitement on this trip, maybe it's because this is my first time going to Europe and my first time going abroad without my mom. Lots of first time, eh? I hope this trip is going to be aweesomee and tomorrow's flight is going to A OK! So i will arrive in France and got back home to my beloved Jakarta safe and sound :) Also for all of my misbud friends who got sick, be tough guys! Eat your medication, consume more vitamin, and don't forget to eat!! And for myself, i hope my flu will be gone tomorrow, AMIN

Oh my god 3 weeks is a long time, i think i'll miss internet. My birthday is next week, 9th July to be precise. Don't forget ok? Just because i'm abroad doesn't mean you have to forget hahahah :D And also some of my friends will 'nyontreng' the new president there hahaha. Oh my god we will have a new president or maybe the same president but different vice president hehehhe.

July is definetely an exciting month :O

This is probably my last post for the next 3 weeks. Can't wait to post something with a lot of stories to tell! So, bye bye now see you in 3 weeks!

Au revoir,


Indira said...

oh gt dan? maybe the same president but different vice president? fineee. hahahaha.

traktir traktir traktir haha ga tau malu

danids said...

kan maybeeeee hahahha :p

Wah gila lo mahal woooiiiii! hahahha