Thursday, November 17, 2011

Patterns Strikes Back!

Well, you never really thought of having a camera with such a cool pattern right? I mean most of all the cameras in this world are just a plain boring black. But hey! Lomography have done it by making La Sardina!

This cute looking camera is perfect for those of you who seek adventures and like to experiments. This handy camera takes panoramic views and packed with such beautiful colours it will make you want to run all day and taking pictures. One thing i really loved about this particular camera is because La Sardina have the most awesome patterns in their camera. Not just ordinary patterns but you can choose from the fresh tuna cans patterns or the more elegant La Sardina Czar and Beluga or you can also choose the cool newest pattern like Domino that kind of reminds me of a never ending maze and that's what this camera is all about, a never ending experiments of taking photos. You can also choose Quadrat this yellow and black pattern will reminds of you of a lightning, which means this camera will struck your heart out!

Domino Pattern

Quadrat Pattern

Pretty packaging on the outside also means great quality on the inside. This pretty camera also took great panoramic pictures! Using a 35mm film roll and with the awesome 22mm Wide-Angle Plastic Lens you can shoot pictures in any occasion. Having La Sardina in an event will definitely be a showstopper. Don't you worry about the focus setting it's so easy to use only with 2 simple setting and you're good to go! And don't forget Fritz The Blitz if you want to use in nighttime :)

La Sardina is definitely the 'It' Camera of the year! Just visit Lomonesia if you guys really want to know more. What are you waiting for, click them now!