Friday, April 24, 2009

"Cold, cold water what you say? It's such, it's such a perfect day"

I have just experience a once in a lifetime trip to Jayamukti a village in Tasikmalaya. Along the way back home to Jakarta all i see is a a perfect surrounding with a perfect sunshine from my window. While i'm listening to Strawberry Swing-Coldplay i imagine if i live there and just sit in the 'saung' looking right at the river and at that moment i realized that it will be over soon. I have to go back to the rush of the city with all the polution and traffic jam and all the things that i didn't see in Jayamukti... :'(

This trip is one of the most memorable trip that i ever had... :)
Many thanks to Pak Didi and Ibu Nani (my host parents) and Devi (my new friend from Al-Muttaqin High School in Tasikmalaya). It's such an honor to know you, and thanks for all the Sundaneese lesson and teach me how to make a handicraft made from bamboo :D



Fariz Razi said...

welcome back dan! mana oleh2nya? hahahaha

danids said...

hei fariz! Mau oleh2? ada nih anyaman bambu yg gw buat sendri lumayan bagus lho buat pemula, mau? ahhahahah

Anonymous said...

i would love to travel indonesia :)

danids said...

Pas udah pulang dari Amerika keliling2 Indonesia aja hehehe :)