Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I want to be forgotten, and I don't want to be reminded".

Currently i have been listening to some of the Marie Antoinette original soundtrack, it's actually a 2006 movie and i watched it during Jiffest 2006 (which i think the best Jiffest so far), and two weeks ago my history teacher play the movie for us, because we are curently leaarning about The French Revolution. The movie (i think) it's very entertaining especially the costumes and of course the soundtrack :), but the ending........ one word: Blaahh! it's not a word actually haha. Well if you haven't seen it you just have to see it by yourself it's very dissapointing and all of my classmates agree (we finish the film today by the way). I'm not here to review about the movie, because i'm not a movie reviewer like my friend Fariz haha. I'm here to share the soundtrack which i think is a very cool soundtrack, you can listen one of my favorite by Bow Wow Wow (it's not bow wow the rapper!) on my Soundtrack Of The Week box. Enjoy ! :)

P.S: I want to buy the CD but i have no idea where am i going to find it. Obviously i won't find it in Disc Tarra or anywhere near.....


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