Saturday, October 3, 2009

My ship isn't pretty

Hello! Long no write, eh? It's been a long time since i actually write about my daily life, well that's because i don't feel like it. But now i think i'm about to write again. So here it goes...

I don't know where to start, there's so much going in my life right now and sometimes i just want it all to slow down. It's like time is ticking so fast, and yes i'm panicking. There a lot unnecessary drama going on in life right now, not important but somehow it bothers me.

The fact that i'm now a senior and will go to college very soon scares me. I'm scared that i won't go to my dream college and my dreams will shattered. That thought always makes me cry and it always running around in my mind. Like last night i was alone and i just cry so hard, yes i'm scared, yes i panic, and yes i'm feeling rather lonely. My friends told me that i have to take things easy and try not to think about the worst. But there are times that i feel that i'm going to failed. Then the fact that all of my family (mother, father, and sister) studied in UI for college makes me feel under pressure. It just bother me that i HAVE to get in there too, just to make my family proud. It just scare me to death thinking what if i'm not accepted in UI, what will happen to me? Will my family accept it? Honestly i don't know. I'm about to cry writing this, it's emotional if i have to think about my future.

To be honest i hate being a senior.


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