Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleeping in a submarine

I have a sociology test for tomorrow but instead of studying i do this hahaha. So it's Wednesday, 3 more days till weekend but it feels like forever! Like seriously, i think it's because this past three days i'm so tired and sleepy all day long -_-

There's a reason why i'm tired you know, it's been a 3 days of hell lot of work for me and my fellas. First of all, on Monday The Misi Budaya team performed in front of the whole high school for the first time! We all are nervous because we don't think we're ready yet, but it turned to be ok and not that bad. Of course the practices made me tired it was a lot of work , just imagine 6 hours from 8 am - 2pm (Saturday) and 9 am - 3 pm (Sunday) of course i'm tired, i need a rest people! But it's for the best because if we don't practice i don't want to end up performing some crappy traditional dance ahhahaha. So, i have to keep practicing and practicing because practice makes perfect! I hope Al-Izhar Misbud team will do well at the festival next July (fingers crossed).

Second reason why i'm tired is because Champions League!! Yes, i watch football and i'm addicted to it, i can get up early in the morning just to watch it ahaha and this morning i watched MU vs Arsenal. Of course i want Arsenal to win this match, no not because i'm an Arsenal fans but i just want to see MU lost for once in a while, come on MU you can't win everything! But MU won again.... so they will be in the final just like last year. I'm just hoping that they won't win the final ( Amin) no offense for all the MU fans hahaha. So, the second match will be Chelsea vs Barca and of course i'm rooting for Chelsea! Woohooooooooo go chelsea go! I'm so ready for the match hahaha. I Can't wait, i hope they will win and go to the finals! And it will be last year all over again but please let Chelsea win this year........ Please please please :)

So to prevent me from having a sleepy day all over again i have to sleep like right now because i have to be awake at 2 am in the morning! I hope it will be a great match with a great ending and that is Chelsea winning! (fingers crossed) hahahahhahaha :D


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