Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye now

Now playing: Littlest Things-Lily Allen

Sometimes I find myself sittin' back and reminiscing
Especially when I have to watch other people kissin'
And I remember when you started callin' me your miss's
All the play fightin', all the flirtatious disses
I'd tell you sad stories about my childhood
I don't why I trusted you but I knew that I could
We'd spend the whole weekend lying in our own dirt
I was just so happy in your boxers and your t-shirt

Dreams, Dreams
Of when we had just started things
Dreams of you and me
It seems, It seems
That I can't shake those memories
I wonder if you have the same dreams too.

The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but its so true
I know its not right, but it seems unfair
That the things are reminding me of you
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?


those little things will always stay in my heart. I still love you so mucho, and i still think that you're the best person i could ever have. Even if tomorrow i'm in other arms, my heart will stay yours until i die. Take care, O have a great life. I know you will :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Container House

So my boyfriend told me about this so called Container House. Then i googled it, and i'm amazed on how amazing a basic container can turn into such a beautiful house. Me want them so badly! The thing is with container house, you just have to buy the unused container i don't know how much it'll cost though but at least you can cut the production cost of building a structure of a real house. Here are some of the favorite picture of the container house

The pictures above are just using a single container to make the house but some people also used a multiple container and attach them to one another to make a bigger house with a bigger space. like this pictures

Is it cool or what? Yes someday i want to have this kind of house! Maybe start with a single container then add it up later when we need a bigger space. I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tonight is dying on it's own

High Fidelity (2000)

think about it. songs that we listened to in life really do make a big impact on how we feels.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

About A Friend

Lately i have been busy studying and doing assignment which is like pages and pages of folio paper and it's HANDWRITTEN! Yeah thanks so much for 'we love mother earth' campaign T__T But i also have successfully conduct a birthday surprise for my best friend Songko :)

She turned 19 last week on 27th March, i gave up my study day for criminal law just for her because yes i do really miss her. It's very very fun especially my friends are able to come even the ones who studies in Bandung! So, we surprise her and it was successful, she was surprised that we were all there in her house hehehehe, she never saw it coming ;) After that we have a little chat in the terrace, talk about college life, and catch up with one another. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends. It was definitely worth it because i miss them so so much. It has been a long time since i spend a quality time with them just talking, they are the best group of friends i could ever have *hugs*
and in Monday i actually felt quite good about the test, hope I get a good score because sometimes, when you feel like it's right it's actually not according to the lecturer :(

That's it for now i guess, see ya later!