Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Blue Sky

So i have just finished my final exam on Friday. Super relieved!!! That means i have survived freshmen year at college! Yeaaaayyyy! :D This last 2 days i spend with having a quality time with myself and isolate myself from any works that i suppose to have, i just think that i deserve a little hibernating time for a while ;)

You know i like listening to a shoegazing band since 3 years a go i think. I like Homogenic, L'Alphalpha, and of course The Milo. The last band that i mention is from Bandung and they have been in the music industry in for a long time, i think i first heard them when i'm in elementary but they dissapear for a little while and this year they make a comeback and release a new album titled "Photograph". The first track is called Apart and i really love the sound it reminds me of my last year in elementary, my sister is the first one to introduce me to this kind of music and yes i fall in love. My favorite track from the album is Daun Dan Ranting Menuju Surga, i can't say anything you just have to hear it. It's absolutely wonderful :)

One thing that i like about listening to a shoegaze sounds is because they have a tendency to take me to another place where i can just lay down and stare at the big blue sky without worrying anything. Oh that would be amazing, i think i really need that, just relax and not worrying about anything.

Happy holiday fellas! Cheers!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long Sigh

Let me tell you about something. Being the third person and being a neutral in the middle of an argument sucks BIG TIME. I actually already used to it but i don't know somehow this one problem is just... too big. Sometimes i cry at night thinking what would my life be if all this never happened? Where everything is normal, where the problems i get through is just a normal teenage problems, not this. Somehow i think that life has taught me a very big lesson and makes me a little bit more mature than anybody else in my age. But when i think about it again i'm just a teenager, i shouldn't have dealt with this kind of problems, this is adult problems i should just stay away out of it and just focus on my studying and my teenage life. When will this ever stop? After all you guys already separated why do you still argue? You guys suppose to have a new separate life, stop arguing please. I just can't handle it.

I promise this to my future children if i have a problem i won't bother you to solve it too. It's just too hard :')


Saturday, May 7, 2011

everything is back as it used to be :)
thank god