Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Put your records on

"Now, a frightening thing happened to me last week. I went into the HMV in Selfridges - I could spend 2 hours in there just looking at records - only to be told by one of the staff that they don't sell CDs anymore!! A fuckin' outrage.

"It's the future", said the kid.
"Fuck the future", s
aid I.

- Noel Gallagher
Agree with Noel here, i could just wandering around HMV just looking at records or searching for some cool t-shirts (I just love the t-shirts, it's awesome!). Oh how i wish HMV someday will open in Jakarta. Talking about CD's i'm quite shock when i read the text above, because HMV is a records store and that means there a lots of cd's but now they don't sell cd's in Selfridges store ( i hope not every HMV store will do this) , what a big question mark. I can't imagine a world without cd's because i spend most of my money to buy those round and shiny thingy. I don't know why i have a weakness for that, i could spend a a lot more money to buy cd's than to buy clothes (what's the matter to me? like seriously i think i'm weird).

One time i've been waiting for this particular cd for a long long time, and when i saw it on a cd rack at Aksara Citos, i grabbed it without hesitating even though it is expensive and i know that it's above the normal price for a cd, but when i look at some cool clothes that i really liked i think for a bit and then i return it to the rack because i think it's too expensive for a piece of clothing. Weird, eh? But it is not that i'm not interested in clothes at all, i'm still going crazy when it is time for a big sale (especially forever 21) because at that time i can buy all those clothes without a guilty feeling (i think every girl thinks like that haha)

Well now you know that i have a weakness for cd's. Now I want to know your weekness when it comes to shopping, tell me what it is ok? OK!

P.S: I think if HMV eventually will open in Jakarta I will go gugu gaga and it will be one of my favorite store to shop and i can spend hours and hours and hours there and my money will runs out like the speed of sound hahahah ;p



Anonymous said...

hmv! i wish they will open in jakarta soon =)

Fariz Razi said...

gw pernah kesana dan, yg di shibuya hahaha

danids said...

celinni.k: I wish that too, i hope it will be soon hahahah
fariz: gw kalo ke luar negeri pasti selalu ke hmv deh terus pasti lama, gw bisa di tinggal sama nyokap kalo lagi di hmv hahaha