Friday, March 27, 2009

"Some might say we will find a brighter day"

Right now i can say that i'm in love with The Gallagher Brothers (Noel & Liam). Well they are the pioneer of one of the Best British Rock Bands right now and that is Oasis. I mean they are so confident with they're music, and they don't give a f*ck about what others thinks, for me that is just soo wonderful.
“We're not arrogant, we just believe we're the best band in the world.” - Noel Gallagher

And they're not just bluffing, everybody should agree that their music is just sooo freakin wonderful! I really really like all their music and i'm so thrilled when they realease their newest album "Dig Out Your Soul". Well, it's not better than all the previous albums which is a freakin masterpiece! But i can live with that, I still spend my money on the CD though. My favorite track from the CD is "Falling Down" (it's the track in my "Currently Loving This" box) which is their newest single and you can already see the Music Video on their official YouTube.

One last thing why I love them: They hates Manchester United!! Oh yeahhhh this is the best one! hahahaha. There are an interviews that i found on YouTube and they are being interviewed separately but when the interviewer ask "What do you hate the most" and they say the same thing and that is " I hate Manchester United" hahahahahhahah it's so funny

This is the Liam Gallagher interview which i think is funnier because they ask to tell 10 things that he hates the most and Liam said " I hate Manchester United 10 times, is that alright?" hahaha

Well, for some updates of my life i think there are no interesting updates so far. Because of this chickenpox i have to stay at home and do nothing besides browsing, watching tv, or do some homework from school and try to catch up with all the lesson huhuhuhu. I'm so stressed out! I have 3 test that i missed and i have to catch up with all the Math stuffs and my friend told me that now is getting more complicated T.T I think have to take some extra lessons from my Math teacher as soon as i come back to school (which is Monday!!) . Just pray for me so that my grades won't fall apart just because i have to missed school for hhmm about 2 weeks perhaps?


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