Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everything's not lost

Fast update: Chelsea didn't go through the final... A very controversial match and a very dramatic ending really because Barca scored a late goal at 90'+3' just before the final whistle and they won because the away goal. For all Barca fans i bet you are so happy right now, well good for you :)
Now Barca all you have to do is beat MU in the final! Please crush them, crush their dreams haha i know you can do it! Go go Barca, i'd rather see you guys win than MU ! Can't wait for the final it's going to be a great match i think :D

"....... it is unbelievable. It is the same as last year when the pain was unbelievable, it is now as well"
-Michael Ballack (

Photo taken from:
by: Jamie McDonald


Anissa Paramita Gunarso said...

BARCA!!!!!! Jangan sampai MU menang!!!!!

danids said...

yeah i hope so! hahahahha