Saturday, June 13, 2009

"But honestly, won't someone stop this train?"

Listening to : Stop This Train - John Mayer (repeated over and over)

These past few days i'm having some kind of a panic attack. I don't know maybe it's because i'm turning 17 next month (9th July) , and now i'm a 12th grader the last grade of High School after that i will go to college, and so on and so on and so on. Well my panic attack are based on this list:

1. I have to maintain my grades, that means i have to study harder next semester. Meanwhile i'm a very lazy person.

2. My parents still believes getting into UI is the best thing that will ever happened in my educational life, and i believe it too. So i better work my ass off so i can get accepted in UI no matter what happens :D

3. I'm going to France next month to participate in a folklore festival named Chateau-Gombert that takes place in Marseille, and i'm scared that i will screw up in the last minute.

4. I'm a 12th grader now, that means next year i have to take that stinky UAN. Oh me don't want that....

5. I have to deal with a lot of studying, for example i even gave my Sunday morning lazy time to take an extra lesson in BTA 45 and yes it's in Tebet. It's super far away from my house T.T (i'll do anything for UI)

6. I have to say goodbye to my one and only school for 14 years (oh god i have no life)

7. It's been a while since i drive my own car, and i think i forgot how to do it...... (I need to practice again!!)

8. I can't get why am i such a lazy person, seriously i'm like a couch potato. I have to get rid of this bad habit, i have to change for god sake! <---- some quote from my friend, Vampibots or Fariz you can call him that

9 & 10 Basically i'm stressed out because i have to leave high school next year

Well that's that, i know i just have to let it flow and just enjoy every seconds of it. Well, i'm trying to do that also, but i just can't forget all of the things i said above. So sorry if this post is full of lame-ness, i'm going to make it up to you by giving some useful information about a new concert in town. Get ready to rock guys! Because Java Rockaddiction Festival is coming to town! Woohooooo and the wishlist includes John Mayer, Katy Perry, Oasis, Blur, and more!


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