Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life in Technicolour

In 2 weeks i will have SIMAK UI test, the test that i’ve been waiting for after UN the second most important and the one that i have been preparing all year. I have sacrifice my Sunday morning lazy time to study in BTA 45 which is located in Tebet and it’s super far away from my house. This test will make or break me, and i think i’m ready. I know my Try Out score are not super like everybody else but my score is still above average (not meaning to brag here).

There is a lot of stories about my journey to have this big test of my life. Last year i even hope i don’t have to do this very very difficult test but hey God have other plans so be it. I know God have other great things behind it.

Now i’m studying harder than ever i don’t even think that i have ever been study as hard as this since… forever. I know that i can do this, all i have to do is believe that i can make it to FHUI, i just hope it’s the best according to Allah SWT.

Then come my love story, if i never taken BTA 45 as my cram school i don’t think i will ever feel the same way as i do now, which is amazing. It’s like having a friend that you can share everything with, i can look up to him even though he was actually not a very good student at school years ago haha. But he can give me some advide that can makes me feel better and knowing th,at he’s here to support. He’s the one that cheers me up when i’m down after the big announcement, and he’s the one that changed my mood 180 degrees that day. So, thank you sir :) pretend i never write this

This school year is filled with lots of new things for me and i’m excited about that. I hope i can end this school year with a happy face and a fulfilled life goal. AMIIIIN YA ROBBAL ALAMIIN

PS: Wish me luck on SIMAK UI test please, thankiiees :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

if i ever feel better remind me to spend some good time with you

You know the feeling when you are so stressed out that you just want to pause life and take a little break? Well it is now happening to me i just wish that all this madness will stop eventually. Studying all week without a break really do make me stress out. Maybe that's why God make me sick just so i can rest for a while, if so thank you God because it's just what i needed.

After all this mess, i promise to myself to have a good vacation and just forget about the things before. So now i have to work very hard to get what i want in the future. I hope my hardwork will pay off and i will reach my goal. Amin

I really really want to go to the beach to refresh my mind. The cool beach breeze is just what i need right now, laying under the sun and let the sand get in my toes and feel the cold water touching my fingers haaaa what life....

One day Dani, after all this mess you'll get what you want and you will smile while staring at the beach :) AMIN!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I heard you never get wet in a Spanish Rain"

Coldplay premiered their newest song in Latin America Tour it's a special song written for them called Don Quixote. Aaaaa i just can't wait for their new album which (hopefully) will be released this christmas! EXCITED! :D