Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can't you hear it calling?

There's something about music concert that always amused me. I don't know why but i'm ok with spending my money to watch my favorite band to play live in front of my eyes, even though it only lasted for 2 hours (tops) but i still think it's worth every penny. Singing along with them, jumped and screamed at the top of my lung, seeing them live with my eyes just makes me feel happy and satisfied, the feeling after the concert is the best feeling ever (well according to me).

Yesterday, i have experienced one of the best concert and the most satisfying after Oasis in Spore. Phoenix rocks last night at Bengkel! And the best part is i met them at the meet and greet session held by Aksara Kemang. I'm sooooo happy that they signed my phoenix shirt and also my sister BB, oh god they're sooo nice. They are such a brave French guys, seriously they didn't cancel their concert in Jakarta because of that freakin bomb terror. Love you Phoenix, all of you are THE BOMB! :)

Oh yeah Phoenix just post a new update on their blog and they put 3 pictures of shirt. Picture No. 1 is my senior Kak Arunee and her homemade t-shirt, Picture no.2 is also my senior Kak Nurani with her homemade t-shirt, and picture no. 3 is a R.A.R.E shirt (a clothing shop owned by my sister friend) which is the shirt i buy but mine's blue not white. Cool huh?

P.S: You can visit R.A.R.E page on Facebook if you like to buy it, they have a lot of cool shirts there, trust me i have bought a lot of shirts there (Kak Errol should give me some credits for this promotion hahah)