Monday, December 21, 2009

My Random Favorites

Colour: Oceanic Blue, it is such a relaxing colour....
Place: The reclining sofa on the TV room
Animal: penguins and polar bears soo cute
Sea Creature: I always likes Dugong they're fat and so cute, I want hug 'em
Game: Tap Tap Revenge, that game is addictive
Food: I like seafood
Muffin: hhm i don't know chocolate perhaps?
Fruit: i never like fruits, yeah i know it's bad
Drink: Ice Ocha or just a plain mineral water
Board game: You know Ludo? I like that game and i miss it too
Sport: swimming i guess. I'm a big fan of water
89 my two lucky numbers
Day Of the week:
Friday of course
Subject: sociology and geography
TV show: 30 Rock! The best of the best of comedy show on TV right now

Singer: Chris Martin, The Gallagher Bros, Alex Turner,and Erlend Oye

Band: Coldplay and Oasis are the best but i'm britpop/rock junkie

Store: HMV is like the best cd store ever followed by Virgin Megastore but for the local i'm a big fan of Aksara. For fashion i pick Forever 21
Name: Zooey as in Zooey Dechanel oh god i'm big fan on Deschanel
Gender: Woman
Quote: "The real loser is someone who is so afraid of not winning they don't even try" Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Book: Q & A by Vikas Swarup (it's the based novel of Slumdog Millionaire)
Website: twitter,, facebook, pitchfork,
Scent: white musk, my favorite like forever!

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Mita said...

mau nyuri ya dan kikikik