Thursday, May 27, 2010

To go away on a summer's day never seemed so clear

Hi all! So i just got back from a short holiday at Puncak with my IPS classmates. It was uber fun, i enjoyed every minutes with them. It was a nice gathering with all of them, even though there are some people who couldn't make it :(

We spent 3 Days and 2 night in Ayodi's Villa at Cibodas. The villa is great, it's comfortable and the view from the balcony is absolutely amazing. I really like to just sit there and stared at the mountains it made me relax and forgot about the things that stressing me out lately. We laughed so hard for 3 days, my IPS mates is super duper funny i think there are no funnier guys at IPA hahaha no offense but seriously how can you handle not to laugh when the guys tried to kill a bat by smashing it with badminton racket and tried to cathced it with a plastic bags. I laughed so hard when Ading succeded to smash the bat and Kevin screamed like a girl when Ading surprised him with a plastic bag filled with the dead bat hahahaha.

Also, at the last night in Puncak we have some games. There are 3 types of games the first one was "Tebak Gaya" me and Songko hosted this game. This game was super tiring not because of the game itself but because we laughed so hard everythime the player messed up hahaha uber funny! The second game was "Tebak Lagu" we laughed so hard because sometimes they messed up the lyrics and made it hard to guess hahaha. Both games are won by Group 1! Victory to group 1! The third game is not a win and lose game, it's called "Single Out" it's like a matchmaking games and surprisngly some of the result was mind blowingly funny hahaha.
Couple #1: Songko-Adhuy
Couple #2: Diandra-Waqas
Couple #3: Me-Agil
Couple #4: Tika-Hannan
Couple #5: Dea-Albi
Couple #6: Icha-Daday
Couple #7: Rumi-Bagus
Couple #8: Iming-Artha
Couplle #9: Aida-Purba
Couple #10: Scilla-Ayodi
Couple #11: Fina-Wafi

See what i'm talking about? It was seriously funny and the guys are interested to play all the games that's what make it so fun! It was a really fun 3 days spent with IPS mates, i will never forget about it, you guys are the BOMB! They all made me laugh so hard for 3 days, i hope in 10 years time we will have reunion and we all have a sucessful career amiin!

Thank you guys for makin 2 years studying IPS a very fun ride. I love you all and you all are a great friends to have a very fun one to be with. Thank you for the last 3 days, it was amazing! I will never forget about it :) IPS Rocks!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Figure

Kinda wish you had known me better and not decided to end things up. Try to understand me a little then you'll know what is exactly on my mind. I guess you don't have that patience to try and figure out this puzzle of mine.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Such Thing

Maybe this sound so cliche but hell yeah today is the best day ever! Why am i saying this, well that's mostly because i got accepted to University of Indonesia Faculty of Law. I AM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY RIGHT NOW! All day i have been smiling like a stupid idiot. All of this feels like a dream and when i pinch myself i'm not waking up so yeah this is reality and i love it :))))

You know the earlier post when i said the test was like so friggin hard? Like it's impossible to get 100 from that test, but well here i am happy and got accepted just like my dream. Anything is possible if you keep dreaming and beliving and of course PRAYING! I'm a very religious girl so i believe that all this is God's work, i keep praying and praying and begging and crying in the middle of the night because after that test to be honest i was down. I thought i'm going to failed because i can't do it. It was different from what i had expected and what i could do at that time is just pray that everybody was doing badly as i was. Guess God answer my prayer :)

For all my friends who also got accepted: big yeay to us! We have make ourself proud and also our loved ones (friends, family, etc) we have given this oppurtunity so we have to take it and make the best of it! Our journey is not done yet, this is only the beginning *i am actually shaking while typing this*. For my friends who hasn't got accepted yet: Keep believing in yourself, you still have 2 more test to get into UI and anything is possible if you keep trying and believing. Don't ever doubt yourself that you can't do it. Now put your chins up, wipe that tears from your eyes and move on. Go kick some UMB or SNMPTN butt and i will see you in UI! *fingers crossed* and if at the end you don't get into UI, it is not the end of the world! Because it's not where you go to college it is HOW you learn in college. I believe God have it all plan out and God will give us the best for our life. Keep believing that and you are on the road to success! :D \m/

So, yeah this is my future i'll go to FHUI just like i wanted for so long. All of my hardwork finally paid off. No going to cram school at the early Sunday Morning, no private lessons with lovely mathematics *blergh*, no stressing out again. Alhamdulillaaaahh finally things work out for me :'''')

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giving Up The Gun

1. First of all Congrats to all my friends who got accepted at UNPAD! So proud of you guys! *hugs*

bahasa indonesia mode: on

2. Yang kedua, pagi ini warga Indonesia dikagetkan dengan berita yang sangat membanggakan sekaligus sedih karena Menteri Keuangan Super kita yaitu Ibu Sri Mulyani ditunjuk untuk menjadi Managing Director di Bank Dunia, which is satu jabatan di bawah orang nomer satu di Bank Dunia. How cool is that? Tapi sedihnya kita harus kehilangan salah satu orang pintar dalam pemerintahan yang terlihat semakin kacau ini. Gw bingung sebetulnya, dengan
kinerja Ibu Sri Mulyani yang sangat baik mengapa harus selalu dihujat, mengapa beliau bisa dihargai di luar negeri namun di negerinya sendiri ia dihujat dan di demo. Liat ga sih Dollar tuh sekarang nilainya rendah hanya rp 9000-an kalo ga salah, itu menurut gw bagus banget loh melihat beberapa tahun kebelakang dollar selalu 10000-an. Sri Mulyani menjalankan tugas dengan baik, ekonomi Indonesia terus berkembang bahkan pada saat Global Recession Indonesia tidak banyak mengalami kerugian seperti AS yang terpaksa menutup beberapa perusahaan seperti the infamous Leimann Brothers.

Intinya kita seperti menyia-nyiakan Ibu Sri Mulyani yang sudah berjasa begit
u besar, gw yakin kok semua langkah yang ia ambil menyangkut kasus Bank Century adalah yang terbaik dan dia membuktikannya dengan perekonomian Indonesia yg semakin kuat. Personally, gw bangga banget Sri Mulyani bisa berkiprah di dunia internasional, it shows that Indonesian can make it there. Sekarang cuman bisa berdoa supaya pengganti nya Sri Mulyani bisa meneruskan kerja yang baik dari pendahulunya. Gw ga berharap lebih sih tapi seenggaknya jangan sampai ekonomi Indonesia jatoh aja, karena susah unutk menyaingi Sri Mulyani.

Congrats Ibu Sri Mulyani, mungkin ini ga akan dibaca sama beliau *iyalah* tapi saya sebagai warga Indonesia yang legal dan sudah ber-KTP sangat bangga dengan pencapaian Ibu. Semoga Ibu dapat bersinar di World Bank, show that Indonesian people are smart and ready to change the world! :D

3. I'm in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I'm scared of my future. Pray for me that i won't kill myself.... haha kidding i'm not that emo. But just pray for me okay? I hope it's going to be alright *fingers crossed*