Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 tracks of the week pt.2

Time for more 5 tracks of the week! I kinda love to do this maybe it will be my permanent post hahaha :p. So here it goes....

1. Flashback-Calvin Harris
Great great ggreat dance tune! Gaaaahh i love it since the first moment i hear it! This song makes you wanna dance all night long like seriously i'm not kidding :p Calvin Harris is a Scottish electronic musician and FYI he is the producer of Kylie Minogue album 'X'. His fiirst debut album called 'I Created Disco" was release in 2007 (which is a big success), and now he's back with his second album titled 'Ready For The Weekend' well by listening to this tune i am certainly ready for the weekened! :D

2. French Navy-Camera Obscura
A feel good pop-ish song with a nice lyrics to sing a long. Somehow this song have that sound to make you happy and feel perky. The vocal also have this vintage sounds that is very cathcy and easy listening. So from the first moment i heard this song i'm immediately fallling in love with it. Just keep an eye on Camera Obscura tunes, because they're great!

3. Fuck You-Lily Allen
This is my favorite track from the album! Maybe it's just because i'm in an angry mood at the time i listened to it hehehe but really, this song is about anger and so on but Lily Allen can make it sounds like a feel good song. This has proven that anger isn't always relates with screaming and headbangin. Great job Lily!

4. Mrs. Cold-Kings of Convenience
Finally they are back with a new album called Declaration of Dependence woohooo! I have been waiting this for so long i feel so happy! Well this song is just like typical KoC, soothing sounds and fantastic guitar play but i just love it. It cathes my ear because the intro is just beautiful and absolutely great. I hope they will visit Indo on their next tour *fingers crossed*

5. Rome-Phoenix (Neighbours with Devendra Banhart remix)
THIS IS TOP NOTCH! The original track itself is my favorite and this remix is great great great love it 100%. Phoenix + Devendra = greatness! To dwonload or just hear it just visit here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Wouldn't it be nice to see things from 4 different angle?

Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Tracks of The Week

1. Crystalised - The xx
This London based teenage quartet just released their debut album, and it blew me away. Crystalised is one of my favorite songs from the album, and it is my morning anthem. The soothing voice of Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim (who also play lead guitar and bass guitar respectively) really gives me chills every time i hear this song. Definitely worth to hear.

2. Passion Pit - The Reeling
The mood charger! The energetic sounds really make you want to dance and jump. Listen to this song with the max volume and you can feel that you are in an atmosphere full of energy. Michael Angelakos and co really done this song perfectly, with a VMA nomination in hand for the music video, Passion Pit definitely will stay in the music industry.

3. Malino - The Trees and The Wild
Time for some cool local music! Yes this cool new indie band is very very very worth to hear. With an accoustic sound just like Kings of Convenience, TTATW gives you the most calming songs that you will ever hear from and Indonesian band. This newcomer is definitely the promosing new talent in Indonesian indie music. Their debut album 'Rasuk' will literally 'merasuki' your soul because i can't stop listening to the whole album for a month! Visit their Myspace to know more and listen to their song

4. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

This song is taken from the soundtrack of 500 Days Of Summer, it features in the promo (the phot collage video) and i'm hooked by it since the first time i heard the song. The Temper Trap is also a new band and they just released their debut titled "Conditions". This song have a really great sound, with it's blisfull sound and light lyrics to remember Sweet Disposotion will get a special position in your mind.

5. Standing In The Way Of Control-The Gossip

Well this is actually an old song from 2007 ( i think) it was the anthem of Skins, the famous british television show that i've been watching this past few weeks. Poweful vocal by Beth Ditto makes this song become a poweful foot stomping punk. Perfect song to accompany you in your Saturday Night. The Gossip who is becoming more and more famous by now should put this song if they will make a greatest hits someday. I actually prefer this than the new song 'Heavy Cross', this one have more attitude to it and more powerful sound to stomp your feet and jump around like maniac.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't Look Back in Anger

Well you might have known about the recent split of Oasis, which is one of my favorite band in the world. Yeah i take the news seriously i even shed a tear, and to remember the month of April when i saw them in Spore makes me even sadder. I have no idea that will be my first and last Oasis concert. I really really want to see them again someday, but now my dream has shattered :"""(

I know there are a lot of people who actually happy about this split, but me no i'm not even near happy. It hits me hard and at that time the news of DJ AM died didn't even hit me, i'm too shocked about Oasis splitting up. It is like loosing one of the great Rock n Roll band. Oasis will Live Forever!

Please dont put your life in the hands
Of a rock and roll band
who throw it all away

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Heart Of Life

Yes i'm alive peeps! So sorry for the lack of updates, i think twitter has taken over my blog. I know twitter is just some kind of an unimportant status update but... it's addictive! So, notice the slight change of my blog? I change the layout and the name. Got to give it a fresh new look you know?

Let's all dress up like a cowboy, go to the beach, and act like there's no tomorrow