Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update to my life

Ok, here's an update of my life so far:

1. I have chickenpox, so i have to stay at home for like hhmm 2 weeks perhaps?

2. I missed Coldplay concert in Spore because i have the No 1 thing T.T *cried a lot 3 days ago, now i'm a little over it hhhhhhhh

3. Al-Izhar's soccer teams (SMP + SMA) are through to the finals in Al-Izhar Olympic *big yeaayyyy* but i can't go and cheer for them today because i have the no 1 thing again....

4. Currently loving to all She & Him tunes love love love Zooey Deschanel and i think everybody should not compare Zooey with Katy Perry because they are sooooooooo different in a lot of ways ;D

5. I just found My Neighbour Totoro Full Anime on Youtube with english subtitles! , oh gosh i'm so happy!

6. I missed my friends so much right no, huhuhu i missed school! It's going to be hell when i'm back to school though, i mean there a lot of things that i have to catch up *darn this unwanted chickenpox!*

In conclusion i missed a lot of things because of the so called unwanted chickenpox... I mean helloooo i have been waiting for months to watch Coldplay in Spore!!!! Well, i'm trying to focused on the brightside now because regretting ain't gonna make me healthy, is that right? hahahahha

I can't wait to go to school soon, i missed my friends so much i want to hug them, each one of them huhuhuhu missed you a lot guys. Tell me lots of stories when i got back ok? hihihi :D
I think that's enough, Totoro is waiting on the screen yeaayyyyy


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Anissa Paramita said...

Dan, lo kapan sembuh deh ? Ingin menjenguk rasanya...