Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Decade

Well what do you know it's 2010 already! Happy new year guys! I know it's late but better late than never rite? So yeah it'2 2010 that means high school is going to end soon boohoo :( and the biggest challenge is yet to come and torture me and all of senior high school students across Indonesia! Please pray for us :)

It's quite late but i'm gonna share you my 2010 resolution, so here it is:
1. Graduate High School with a great score in the national exam
2. Got accepted in FHUI
3. Gonna spend holiday with my high school friends
4.Watch great concert if there any in 2010
5. Lose wight maybe 2/3 more kilos (i already lose 2 kilos in the holiday, i actually can't believe it)

Well 2010 starts really good according to me and i don't know but it seems that my luck is working really well or maybe too well. I don't know what will come in next month or even next week but i think it's going to be good well i hope so :) but now i'm hoping and praying for the announcement of the most highly anticipated thing in my life right now you know the "golden ticket" from UI. It'll be announced on 16th of January which is like SOON!

I actually excited to start this new year and there a lot of things that going to happen in 2010 such as WORLD CUP! Hell yeaaah i really really excited for that, you know what? Because for a whole month the world will actually watch football and bring all of the people together hhhh the magic of football :D Super can't wait for this year Summer woohoooo!

Oh 2010 please be nice :)


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