Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(finally) New Post!

oh my god. it's been like forever since i post something here! I kinda miss ya my blog :')

Well there ain't much to say but i'm now currently on my 2nd semester studyng in FHUI. What? Time flies right?? There are so much going on in campus i would like to tell it all but it would be a never ending post! I miss writing here, i almost forgot how it feels hhhhhhh. Basically, i enjoy studying law, it's hard but it's interesting also. And i'm trying to understand it each day, i hope i will be a good law people someday ;)

i guess that's all i wanna say tonight. I promise i will write more interesting story about my life (idk if you can call it interesting it's actually quite mediocre though). Night people!

P.S: Mid term exams are coming soon, and to be honest i haven't prepared a thing!!! O____o oh help me god!


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