Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yellow and Blue :)

Well, this maybe a little late to tell you a story about my activitylast summer. It’s just sudenly i have the mood the write about it, i think because i’m missing it so much :)

So, last summer after UN and SIMAK are done i become one of the voluntary comitee off Indonesian Youth Conference created by the young and talented Alanda Kariza. Yes, she’s 19 but hell yeah she is awesome! I remember sometimes in the late 09 i send my CV to apply for joining the comitee and on January (i think) i received an email that i got accepted and i’m being interviewed. Well, the interview went (kind of) well, and weeks after that i suddenly got invited to the mailing list fo comitees, and yes that’s the sign that i’m officially in :D I was so exited back then but also feeling confuse because i still have UAN and SIMAK to concentrate about. So, until two of them done i haven’t been able to come to every meetings, i just got the updates from reading the mailing list. At that time, i’m feeling so guilty and having some thougts to quit but then i realize this may be some BIG opportunities to learn something new from new people. So i decided to stay :)

On March, IYC held a Garage Sale in Lamandau street, and there’s where i met the comitees for the first time. YES FINALLY! I’m quite shocked that most of the are still young, and there even a Junior High Student that has accomplished so much! That kid have a gift. So, i spend a day with all of them, they are the most friendly guys ever and i easily get comfortable with them. Actually at first i was quite nervous because i’m like this ghost from email that they didn’t know about, i’m scared that they will get dissapointed and all. But, the reality is they are all the best!

As the time goes by i’m becoming good friends with all of them and i can proudly call them my family. Meetings after meetings i got through with them, we bond quite a lot and we are not just co workers but family who helps each other :) O yea, i actually apply for music performance division but because they already had enough people in it i got transferred to Logistic to help Adam Hulaimie who is very kind, great but also super tempramental boss hahaha. Well at first i got scared because Logistic job ain’t easy but i actually quiet enjoy it, even though it is very very hectic and hold lots of responsibilities. But Adam, Me, and Arya handled it well yeah we rock! I got to say i put all of my energy to work on IYC. I mean i only sleep for 2 hours when we were loading all the equipments for the Festival in Salihara. It was fun and very memorable.

Joining IYC is probably the best damn thing i have ever done to fill my 3 months holiday. I found new friends that i can proudly call my family, i found someone that is now fill my days with smiles and laughter who always keeps me sane day after day in college life. I have a whole new experince in being active in a organization, i learn a lot from each and every commitees and also participants. It was an experience of a lifetime and i will never forget it not even one bit. There’s too much stories to tell. Good and bad stories. Writing this makes me miss them so much, and somehow want to do it all over again :’)

Well, that’s my experience. I hears that IYC will be having a Festival just like last July next year, maybe you can apply to join the commitees and meet the awesome people inside it :D

some of the commitees in front of Wisma 678

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