Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You know you’re addicted to Coldplay when…

1. Viva La Vida comes on over the loudspeaker at the supermarket, you squeal and suss out the aisles where the music is loudest

2. You go into the nearest Apple store and immediately go on Youtube to watch ‘See You Soon’ Live 2003 on an iPod Touch

3. Your friends threaten to hit you over the head with your X&Y CD

4. Somebody says “I’m cold” you add the word “play”

5. When ordering a pizza, you ask for a “Meat lovers… in japan.” (this has actually happened…)

6. 42 is your lucky number

7. You accidentally type “COLDPLAY” into google instead of “Cold war” “Cold cuts” “Co-pay” or any word starting with c

8. Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland appear in your dreams each night

9. You’re absolutely sure, you KNOW St. Peter won’t call your name

10. When making graphs in maths, you label the X&Y axis with added lovehearts

11. You spend $22 on the CD, even though you’ve already had the MP3s for a whole year

12. When you know how to sing The Scientist backward

13. You spell “politics” wrong. And insist that “politiks” is better

14. You start singing “Yellow” at bromothymol blue during Science… “look at the acid, look how it shines for you… when added to bromothymol blue, yeah it will turn yellow.”

15. You cry at any form of Coldplay on television (I have done this several times)

16. The only song you can play on the piano is Clocks

17. When you see thick permanent black markers, and put an equal sign on the back of your hand. Then you feel compelled to ask for rings and bracelets for your birthday

18. When people insist Coldplay isn’t a genre of music, you shun them

19. When you paint “VIVA LA VIDA” anywhere and everywhere during art class. (Major embarrassment, I did this both on the back of my painting and on my art smock. FTW)

20. When you spend all your daydreaming time planning out your first encounter with Chris Martin

21. Your friends don’t use your name… they just call “Coldplay” and you quickly respond

22. You lie in bed and have deep, meaningful conversations with your Coldplay posters. Because they listen. And they understand.

23. You consider coming as Chris Martin (in his Viva La Vida jacket) to a casual clothes day raising money for Fair Trade (yes, I did)

24. You measure cooking time by the number of Coldplay songs it takes to bake

25. Apples are your favourite fruit

I got this on Tumblr and i gotta say that most of this are true and the bold one is the most often things that i do. I'm such a fangirl, i know :)

And i'm proud to be one!



dijelennon said...

very entertaining indeed, Ms.Coldfey!

danids said...

thank you sir! Coldfey--> Coldplay and Tina Fey? hahahaha

Mita said...

dan yang bromtimol biru itu ngga banget huahaha. sampe beneran pas praktek kimia ada yang gitu gw takjub deh.

danids said...

hahahaha iya itu terlalu fanatik gw rasa -____-"