Monday, April 12, 2010

The stormy days ain't over

For all of you out there who is just experienced the sickest test that ever created in this world by this i mean those awful thing called SIMAK UI, goodluck to us all and may the luckiest person got accepted! AMEN! (well i hope i am one of those lucky person)

Yes peeps, the test was hard! Was fuckin HARD! Even my teachers at my cram school think that, especially the history part maaan that was... unexpected! The only thing on my mind right now it's not how good i did on the test but how bad everybody else did yesterday, i just hope that everybody having a hard time as i was because when i looked at the questions given i'm just like....... (speechless)

I'm not being a pessimist here, i'm just being a realist there are thousand who wants to get in FHUI. They have the same passion as i am, the same reason, but sometimes you need a little dash of luck about this. The thing is i have done my best and yesterday was my best. I'm studying until i loose my insanity, and i pray to God like a child begging and hoping for the best. At times like these all i can do is wait, wait until the moment of truth revealed which is on 15th May 2010 and that's still a looong way to go. I have to wait for about a month, you gotta be shitting me i'll be dead minutes before the annoucement T_____T

Oh God help me, i'm tired of stuDYING, i want to relax please. Please give the best for me i'm going insane down here, my brain will explode anytime soon if i don't relax and take a deep breath. Right now i'm prepared for the worst and i have experienced rejection from UI so i know how it feels but i really really hope now they'll accept me. Amiiiin

"Someday all this mess will make me laugh
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait..."



Dru Padi said...

hahaha post lo yg ini sangat berkebalikan dgn post gue yg terakhir lmao

danids said...

hahahah apapun nanti hasilnya semoga yg terbaik yaa dil! Semangaat! I bet you feel so damn anxious right now waiting for that USM annoucement. GOODLUCK!