Friday, February 20, 2009

Stupid Memory

Stupid memory
Must you bring up these things?
Stupid memory
Can I forget all of that?
All of that crap

Yes, i have this stupid memory that keeps bothering me around this past few days. Sometimes i juat want to erase all those memories andjust forget it! But i can't damn it! :'(
Ok enough with all the tears and the blahhh, even though i have those stupid memories, i actually really enjoy this day! Why?

1. It's the end of the week yeaaaaayyyy woohooohoo i love friday. Even though i have too attend Javannese dance lesson after school and i feel exhausted, but i enjoyed it (seriously) so the time just flies by. It's getting more and more difficult though, the teacher gave us a few more new steps and IT IS HARD huhuhu but believe that i can! woohoooooo

2. My classmates is so funny i can't describe it in words hahha espescially the boys hahaha i just can't get enough of them hahahahahhah

3. Something weird happen today like seriously weird, but in a good way weird..... hahahha

Because my sister really really need to use the computer i better finish this post now


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