Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Blue Sky

So i have just finished my final exam on Friday. Super relieved!!! That means i have survived freshmen year at college! Yeaaaayyyy! :D This last 2 days i spend with having a quality time with myself and isolate myself from any works that i suppose to have, i just think that i deserve a little hibernating time for a while ;)

You know i like listening to a shoegazing band since 3 years a go i think. I like Homogenic, L'Alphalpha, and of course The Milo. The last band that i mention is from Bandung and they have been in the music industry in for a long time, i think i first heard them when i'm in elementary but they dissapear for a little while and this year they make a comeback and release a new album titled "Photograph". The first track is called Apart and i really love the sound it reminds me of my last year in elementary, my sister is the first one to introduce me to this kind of music and yes i fall in love. My favorite track from the album is Daun Dan Ranting Menuju Surga, i can't say anything you just have to hear it. It's absolutely wonderful :)

One thing that i like about listening to a shoegaze sounds is because they have a tendency to take me to another place where i can just lay down and stare at the big blue sky without worrying anything. Oh that would be amazing, i think i really need that, just relax and not worrying about anything.

Happy holiday fellas! Cheers!

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elephantstone said...

Try: Cocteau Twins, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine. The real shoegaze! ;)