Saturday, July 10, 2010

18 18 18 18

So guys i just turned 18 yesterday, don't know if i should be happy or sad because now i'm getting older.... There's always positive and negative about everything right? So i guess i just have to accept that now i'm 18 and yeah i should be more mature -____-"

Enough about that. What i'm going to write is a about my fantastic birthday. No i don't have a fancy birthday party in 5 star hotel or a hip cafe in Jakarta. But i have 4 surprises from my friends and loved ones! Yes 4! I couldn't believe it myself, because well i have never had so many surprises before so it kind of shocked me.

The first one was from my IYC mates and my boyfriend as well. They convinved me that my bf got in a motor cycle accident when he was on his way to my house as he promised before to have a birthday countdown with me. Until 12 o' clock he didin't show up, so i became worried but somehow i feel a little bit pissed because he didn't call me or text me to say happy birthday. Then around 1-ish Adam PING! me and told me that Omar was in RS Fatmawati hospital, yeah i panicked but somehow i have a feeling that he tricked me but eventually he could convinced me and yes i cried. Then, around 2 o' clock Adam pick me up and told me that we have to rush to visit Omar at the hospital, so in the middle of the night i went out and then i saw Omar's car.......... Then everybody sang 'Happy Birthday' and so i chase Adam down the street, yes i literally want to smack him in the face! Omar made me a homemade brownies and they also brang 2 boxes of martabak hahahhaa. Well, that was a GREAT surprise thaaaank you :")

Moving on to the second surprise, it was from my sister and my mom's house assitant. They wake me up around 8 and started yelling crazy things that i don't exactly remember and suddenly they sang "Happy Birthday" and then gave me 2 presents. One from my sister and one from my mother (my mother is still on her way to Jakarta at the moment). So then i blew the candles and started to open the presents. Present #1 an underwater 35mm camera from my sister, I LOVE IT SO MUCHO! Present #2 A blue Dell laptop that i really like :D yaaaaayyy thank thank youuu!

Okay 3rd surprise, it was from my High School friends whom i really really love! So, here's the story: I actually plan some little birthday celebration or my friends in the evening but suddenly Diandra and Mita came to my room around 4 o' clock they said thay have to come earlier because Diandra's driver have to go home. So far i believe everything they said, but then they started to make me go downstair like Mita wanted to have drink but i gave her the drink upstair, then she wanted to borrow a dvd but the dvd itself is in my room HAHA! Then Diandra made up some excuses that she was really hungry and ask me to go downstair and have something to eat. So i went downstair with my shortpants and an oversized t-shirt, suddenly all of my friends came out and start singing, triple strike for today! Dang it! Thank you guyyyss it was lovely :')

Finally last surprise, it was from my mom this surprise made me speechless and so everybody because well it was.... BIG! The scenario is suddenly my house went blackout but the others houses is not. I wasn't suspicious at all,
but then my mom told that i have to to the garage and then an engine started roaring from outside. SHIT! I GOT A CAR! Damn it mom you don't have to do that, i mean i have enough for today huhuhu i was so happy i don't even made a sound i just stood there and smiled widely and don't know what to say. :''''''D

Well, there you go my 4 birthday surprises. Still in shock until now, i'm truly grateful that i have surround myself with such a great people. I love you guys so much and thank you for making yesterday my best birthday EVER!

Special thank you to:
1. Omar
2. Adam
3. Deycil
4. Chandra
5. Cepot
6. Dhanu
7. Umar
8. Mba Dian
9. Bu de Endang
10. Diandra
11. Mita
12. Songko
13. Nabila
14. Dira
15. Amal
16. Agil
17. Godie
18. Adrea
19. Manda
20. Rumi
last but not least


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