Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is your moment no hesitations

It's world cup timee!! I take it pretty seriously because well as you all know i'm a big football enthusiast. There's just something about World Cup, the euphoria is amaaaziing, people all over the world are celebrating either you love football or not. People gather around to watch the match, the more the merrier.

This year i'll be supporting Germany and Brazil as usual. I love both of that country and 2 of them represents 2 different football styles. Maybe i'm not a footbal pro but i think Brazil play a more beutiful football meanwhile Germany are more tactical (this is just some random amateur football comment though). I'm pretty much excited about it and i have been waiting for this day to come. It's going to be an amazing month i can tell :D

Tonight Germany will play Australia, this is their first match in WC. Well it's not until 01:30 am in my country though but i'm prepared and ready to watch it, yeaaah! My favorite player from Germany are Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski both of them are a young and talented German players. Unfortunately their captain, Michael Ballack (i like him too!) can't be with them throughout WC because he was injured during FA Cup final with Chelsea FC. This is so saaad i'm actually expecting him to lead Germany :'( But i quickly wipe out my tears because Philip Lahm has appointed as the Captain throughout WC, yippiekayeaaay! He's actually the youngest German captain :D

I hope Germany or Brazil will win WC, it's so exciting to see the team you're rooting for, win the competition. It's like you can feel their hapiness too and if they lost you will feel the heartbreaking emptiness inside your soul. All i can say is may the best team win! And don't forget to PLAY FAIR!
Well people let's enjoy this month of celebration! :D


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