Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Such Thing

Maybe this sound so cliche but hell yeah today is the best day ever! Why am i saying this, well that's mostly because i got accepted to University of Indonesia Faculty of Law. I AM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY RIGHT NOW! All day i have been smiling like a stupid idiot. All of this feels like a dream and when i pinch myself i'm not waking up so yeah this is reality and i love it :))))

You know the earlier post when i said the test was like so friggin hard? Like it's impossible to get 100 from that test, but well here i am happy and got accepted just like my dream. Anything is possible if you keep dreaming and beliving and of course PRAYING! I'm a very religious girl so i believe that all this is God's work, i keep praying and praying and begging and crying in the middle of the night because after that test to be honest i was down. I thought i'm going to failed because i can't do it. It was different from what i had expected and what i could do at that time is just pray that everybody was doing badly as i was. Guess God answer my prayer :)

For all my friends who also got accepted: big yeay to us! We have make ourself proud and also our loved ones (friends, family, etc) we have given this oppurtunity so we have to take it and make the best of it! Our journey is not done yet, this is only the beginning *i am actually shaking while typing this*. For my friends who hasn't got accepted yet: Keep believing in yourself, you still have 2 more test to get into UI and anything is possible if you keep trying and believing. Don't ever doubt yourself that you can't do it. Now put your chins up, wipe that tears from your eyes and move on. Go kick some UMB or SNMPTN butt and i will see you in UI! *fingers crossed* and if at the end you don't get into UI, it is not the end of the world! Because it's not where you go to college it is HOW you learn in college. I believe God have it all plan out and God will give us the best for our life. Keep believing that and you are on the road to success! :D \m/

So, yeah this is my future i'll go to FHUI just like i wanted for so long. All of my hardwork finally paid off. No going to cram school at the early Sunday Morning, no private lessons with lovely mathematics *blergh*, no stressing out again. Alhamdulillaaaahh finally things work out for me :'''')


QWERTY said...

Your english is pretty good. Improve yourself and i'm sure you're going to be good law people.
Be careful of money politics, avoid it, and you'll be as great as Mrs. Sri Mulyani... XD

danids said...

Thank you so much! Yes i'll avoid it and thanks for the motivation! I hope i can achieve good things in the future. Amiiin