Sunday, February 7, 2010

Young Folks

If I told you things I did before
Told you how I used to be
Would you go along with someone like me?
If you knew my story word for word
Had all of my history
Would you go along with someone like me?

I did before and had my share
It didn't lead nowhere
I would go along with someone like you
It doesn't matter what you did
Who you were hanging with
We could stick around and see this night through

And we don't care about the young folks
Talking about the young style
And we don't care about the old folks
Talking about the old style too
And we don't care about their own faults
Talking about our own style
All we care about is talking
Talking only me and you

Usually when things has gone this far
People tend to disappear
No one will surprise me unless you do

I can tell there's something going on
Hours seems to disappear
Everyone is leaving, I'm still with you

-Young Folks, Peter Bjorn and John

I hope you can accept me just the way I am, flaws and all. Don't compare me to any other person, especially the one in the past. I may not be perfect but i am what i am, i can't change that. Yes i'm a girl who loves to watch football, I don't take too much time getting ready to go out, you can call me a little bit careless, i don't wear make ups, high heels tortured me, i tend to judge people by their music taste, and I'm not what you called having a perfect body.

I hope you know that, and i hope you do like me just the way I am, because i do like you just the way you are. Even though when i think of it, you are not my usual type but hey...You make me laugh and bring me up when i'm down. I think you're the reason why i am not crying myself to death that morning. It's cheezy but i think it's true. Well the fact is when you're in love you start feeling cheezy and corny all the time (i even think that this post is the cheeziest post i have ever made). It's funny how love finds you in the most unexpected time and place, and how it surprises you and make you speechless.

No, i'm not refering myself as Zooey D, it's just i like this picture because they seem so happy with each other :)

P.S: I have no fckin clue what to do on V day. The hell with that.


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