Sunday, April 3, 2011

About A Friend

Lately i have been busy studying and doing assignment which is like pages and pages of folio paper and it's HANDWRITTEN! Yeah thanks so much for 'we love mother earth' campaign T__T But i also have successfully conduct a birthday surprise for my best friend Songko :)

She turned 19 last week on 27th March, i gave up my study day for criminal law just for her because yes i do really miss her. It's very very fun especially my friends are able to come even the ones who studies in Bandung! So, we surprise her and it was successful, she was surprised that we were all there in her house hehehehe, she never saw it coming ;) After that we have a little chat in the terrace, talk about college life, and catch up with one another. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends. It was definitely worth it because i miss them so so much. It has been a long time since i spend a quality time with them just talking, they are the best group of friends i could ever have *hugs*
and in Monday i actually felt quite good about the test, hope I get a good score because sometimes, when you feel like it's right it's actually not according to the lecturer :(

That's it for now i guess, see ya later!


Fariz Razi said...

kok kayaknya ngeliat foto2nya jadi kangen smp banget ya hahaha

danids said...

hahahaha kangen bgt riizz! Future doctor nih asik temen gw ada yg dokter :p