Monday, March 15, 2010

if i ever feel better remind me to spend some good time with you

You know the feeling when you are so stressed out that you just want to pause life and take a little break? Well it is now happening to me i just wish that all this madness will stop eventually. Studying all week without a break really do make me stress out. Maybe that's why God make me sick just so i can rest for a while, if so thank you God because it's just what i needed.

After all this mess, i promise to myself to have a good vacation and just forget about the things before. So now i have to work very hard to get what i want in the future. I hope my hardwork will pay off and i will reach my goal. Amin

I really really want to go to the beach to refresh my mind. The cool beach breeze is just what i need right now, laying under the sun and let the sand get in my toes and feel the cold water touching my fingers haaaa what life....

One day Dani, after all this mess you'll get what you want and you will smile while staring at the beach :) AMIN!

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